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When faced with the problem of getting dental prosthetics (dental crowns, or dental bridges if there are numerous crowns), one of the most important factors is longevity. How long can the patient expect to keep these crowns, and how much should they spend? If getting a more expensive crown means it won’t last long, why not opt for the cheaper option? Here are the answers regarding the longevity of dental crowns and dental bridges.

How long does a dental bridge or crown last?

The hard-working dental technicians in dental laboratories like the one at our London dental clinic intend the dental crowns and dental bridges to last for a lifetime, within the bounds of reason. The problem is that they cannot foresee what you are going to do with your dental crown, and there are bounds of reason. A dental crown or dental bridge cannot be too big, too thick, too high, or else it will damage the neighbouring teeth, the tongue, the cheeks, the inside of the mouth, the lip, cause speech impediments and bleeding of the soft tissues, will be uncomfortable and unwieldy, and so there are dimensions within which they are forced to work. But the life of dental crowns is still counted in decades at the dental clinic.

What factors influence the life of dental crowns and dental bridges?

There are many factors that influence the life of dental crowns and dental bridges. First off, what you eat, how acidic it is, is a major factor in how long they will last, as is your oral hygiene routine, and how your teeth are doing. If the tooth the crown is on fails, then the crown must be removed and becomes useless. Your habits, like alcohol use, smoking, whether or not you grind your teeth, if and how many drugs you use, and in what capacity are also major factors for determining the longevity of your dental crowns. Acid reflux disease, bulimia, diabetes, osteoporosis and the aggressiveness of your oral flora, as well as the acidity of your saliva, are all factors in how long your dental crown will last, thus it is extremely hard to find a precise answer.

What to expect?

On average, it is fair to give your dental crown around 5 to 10 years and be pleasantly surprised. If you are subject to a lot of the factors mentioned above, it will be closer to that 5-year mark, whereas if your mouth is clean and you go to regular dental check-ups, you should have no problems reaching the 10-year mark, and dental crowns usually last much longer than that. Half-year check-ups are also a necessary pre-requisite for any and all guarantees on dental crowns.

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