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Implants are a lifetime facility. They incur a sizable expense, and a certain amount of inconvenience during the installation and healing process. Hence the installation process must be executed thoroughly with full preparation. For this purpose, you may have to undergo additional surgeries so that you derive a long and trouble-free service from your investment. Need for addition surgical procedures will vary from case to case. Additional surgery that you may have to pay for is of three types.

  • Extraction of unwanted teeth: If you are replacing a bad tooth, it must to be extracted. If you are looking for a full bridge using implants, any existing teeth are mobile, infected or have a hopeless prognosis must be extracted. Some teeth get directly joined with the bone (ankylosed), and may need to be surgically extracted.
  • Hard tissue augmentation: The advantage of implants lies in the strength with which they attach to the jaw bone. If the site of the implant is deficient in bone volume and density, additional bone may have to be grafted. That is a surgical operation. Bone must be ‘harvested’ from another site in the mouth and grafted to the new location. This means two surgeries at least. Alternatively, bone may be obtained from a tissue bank. If bone is obtained from a tissue bank, only one surgery per graft is required. Finally, the implant procedure can be carried out after the graft has taken root.
  • Soft tissue reconstruction: In some cases it is necessary augment the gum tissue around the implant to fully cover it and to make look aesthetic. In case your gums are deficient of tissue at the proposed sites gum tissue will need to be grafted.
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