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Are you afraid of having your tooth replaced? Are you still hesitating about whether to have an implant placed or not? You should know that tooth replacement has many more advantages than just an aesthetic outward appearance; with replacing your missing tooth in time you can avoid more serious dental problems!

If you break or lose a tooth, you are likely to wish to have it replaced for aesthetic and practical reasons, this is why people started to develop methods for tooth replacement. Having a broken or missing tooth does not look nice, and it may also cause problems when you are eating. But did you know that not having your tooth replaced in time can lead to much more inconvenient experiences than these?

“Having a missing tooth for a longer time is very likely to lead the teeth next to it starting to ‘move’, for they are not stopped by anything. Of course, this means your smile will not look as beautiful as it did before, but unfortunately, this is not the only problem the ‘moving’ teeth can cause. It is obvious that the tooth you have broken or lost cannot function anymore, but having the teeth next to it moved or deformed can lead to further and more serious functional problems and sometimes even to inevitable, long orthodontic treatments.” –  explains Dr Poncz, professional and experienced implantologist of Forest & Ray. 

Being well-informed and conscious about tooth replacement can save you a lot of time, money and inconvenience. The first and most important thing is that you should know how important it is to avoid further problems, and that you are not afraid of tooth replacement. It is crucial that you know exactly what will happen to you and your teeth during the treatment, so that you can confidently decide that it is worth it!

The most popular form of tooth replacement are dental implants. A dental implant is a small screw inserted into the jawbone. Generally the screws are made of titanium, a neutral type of metal accepted by the human body, which is used in a wide range of surgical procedures. The dental implant is fixed into the mandible and with time, the jawbone integrates with the surface of the implant. This process is called osseointegration. The dental implant will be firmly anchored by this natural bone growth.

There are many sorts of implants available, but the variety that’s best for you depends on a number of factors such as your dental condition, how much you wish to spend and your aesthetic preference. Forest & Ray’s skilled dentists can always help you choose the one which is best for your circumstances.

There can be discomfort, as with any invasive surgery. To eliminate discomfort, anaesthetic and, if appropriate, sedation of patients is used. Our doctors can prescribe pain killing medication to ease any discomfort that may occur during the recovery period. You can also be assured that we will do our best to stay in contact with you after the surgery, for this is the best way to be sure that you remain comfortable and informed during your entire treatment.

Think about the future of your teeth and book a consultation today to have your missing teeth replaced and avoid further problems in order to always be able to smile!

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