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Dental Implants

What problem does it solve?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots which are inserted in the jaw bone and used to replace missing teeth. An implant can replace one tooth or with only 4 implants in one arch all the upper or lower teeth can be replaced as 4 implants can support an entire arch of teeth.

Expected treatment time or appointment:

3-4 appointments, 30-90 mins/appointment

The ultimate tool for total tooth replacement, and the only way to fight tooth loss, dental implants are artificial tooth roots that can house a crown, thus replacing all of the parts of a tooth, restoring normal chewing functions completely.

  • Replace an entire tooth
  • Best prices
  • Just three visits to the dentist, and have your new tooth

Dr. Elefterios Martinis Dental Implantologist

Dental Implants W1 Holborn, Camden, Central London

One of the main procedures that our dentistry prides itself on is dental implants. Dental implants are relatively new implements are the only way to truly replace missing teeth, and to replace every part of teeth that are no longer in the mouth. It is vitally important to replace missing teeth, otherwise the health of the rest of your teeth, jaw joints and mouth will be compromised.

If teeth are missing, the alveolus, that soft ridge of bone underneath the gums starts to deteriorate, leading to further tooth loss, and the cycle begins. To stop this cycle, artificial tooth roots called dental implants need to be inserted into the alveolus. Missing teeth can also lead to TMJ problems, back and neck pain, speech impediments and a whole slew of dental problems.

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants LondonDental implants, sometimes called tooth implants, are tiny titanium alloy screws that are drilled into the jawbone. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that take the place of the missing tooth root and replace the entire tooth.

A dental implant is made of three parts: the actual dental implant that is drilled into the jawbone, an abutment, and a crown that goes on top to replace the visible portion of the tooth.

A dental implant thus replaces every part of the tooth and is anatomically the same as a real living tooth. Dental implants can revitalise your mouth by giving you back the proper chewing and biting functions of the tooth that was missing until then, and by helping you use all of your teeth again.

Dental implants are made of a hypoallergenic titanium alloy, and are not rejected by the body, so even people with metal allergies can get them. The insertion of dental implants is a 45 minute surgical procedure, and has a 98% success rate, so it is considered an extremely safe and routine oral surgical intervention.

Types of dental implants

There are many different sizes and shapes of dental implants that are available. The arrow shaped dental implant is usually used to replace front teeth or smaller teeth that did not have a lot of space, so they are narrow and go quite deep. There are also tiny mini dental implants that can be used in tight spaces, or more of them can be used to house big crowns meant for replacing large molars and back teeth used for chewing and grinding.

A typical dental implant can replace most teeth, but as we are all differently sized and shaped, so are the dental implants that are used to replace our teeth. We use Noble brand dental implants for a variety of reasons. These are the most readily available dental implants and the most versatile ones as well, as they come in so many different kinds. They are also one of the most reliable dental implants, and are the oldest brand of commercial dental implants available today.

What can dental implants do for me?

Dental Implant

Dental implants can help you if you have any missing teeth, and wish to get them replaced.

Getting missing teeth replaced is extremely important, otherwise the rest of your teeth will fall out, and the unhealthy eating and chewing habits that result from lopsided eating can destroy the rest of your otherwise healthy teeth.

They can also change the appearance of your face, as missing teeth can create a sunken look to the face.

The smile is also greatly improved if all of the teeth are visible, and there are no gaps in it. But dental implants can also help you get rid of back, neck and jaw pains, as many of these are the result of unhealthy biting and chewing patterns.

A personal dental implant

Come in and have a consultation with one of our master dental implantologists, and see how dental implants can make a difference in your life. At the consultation session, the dentist will draw up a treatment plan that will itemise and individually price every single treatment, so that you can plan and allocate the budget for your dental implant treatment.

Please be aware that getting dental implants takes a couple of months, as there is a healing time after the dental implant is inserted into the jawbone.

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Teeth implants cost in London

The Alpha Bio dental implants cost is £2,250 (crown included).
The Nobel dental implants cost is £2,650 (crown included).
The Single tooth implant cost is from £2,250 (crown included).

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

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