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Dental crowns do not last forever, even if their lives are measured in decades and not in years. They can fail over time, from repeated use and from the pressures of chewing and biting, and they can crack or break due to improper use and being improperly kempt, and, very rarely, they can have some kind of defect that is inherent to them because they were poorly made or the materials had some kind of defect. This is why dental crowns usually come with a guarantee, as ones that have problems that are inherent in their manufacturing should not be paid for by the patient. But what should you do if your crown breaks? A broken crown can be dangerous, as it can be sharp or have jagged edges that can cut your tongue or cheek, or can damage the soft tissues in your mouth in other ways. Here is what you can do to help your situation.

Do NOT remove your dental crown!

The most important thing is not to start yanking at it and try to get the dental crown out, as this can damage your tooth stub or dental implant that the dental crown is housed on. If it is already off of the tooth mostly, and can be gently removed, then do so, but remember to keep the crown so that the dentist can have an easier time making a new one for you. If it does not come off easily, do not yank it at all, as this can damage your tooth or dental implant.

Get an emergency appointment

If the crown didn’t just pop off, but actually is just partially loose, or if it broke or cracked open, it is time to book an emergency appointment immediately. The problem must be seen by a professional and taken care of right away. If you don’t solve this problem, it can cut your soft tissues, or you may end up swallowing the crown, or bits of it, which is not healthy at all.

Use wax if necessary

If you can, cover the sharp bits of the crown (if it is broken and has sharp bits) with dental wax. This will create a soft layer on top of the edges, and this will make it more comfortable and easier to deal with, and will prevent problems.


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