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Tooth Replacement

There are many ways to replace teeth. Some of them require oral surgery, some of them a mere fitting and some dental prostheses. Dental implants are the only way to replace all of the parts of the teeth and to prevent tooth loss as a condition, but many other tooth replacement methods exist, and all of them will restore the appearance and the function of a full head of teeth.

Get Your Teeth Replaced In Central London

If you have a tooth missing, it is vital that you get it replaced to stop further damages from occurring. Your mouth can only work properly if all of the elements of a mouth are in place. A missing tooth can cause further complications, among them losing more teeth, back and neck pain, aching of the jaw, pains, indigestion, and speech impediments. There is also a social stigma with having gaps in your teeth, so your confidence and social standing may also plummet if you have a missing tooth. Here are the ways you can replace missing teeth:

All-on-4® (Same day teeth)

Dental implantation treatment with All-on-4® (Same-day teeth) 2
On the day of the surgery all 4 implants are inserted in the morning. The procedure is easy and painless (implants are inserted under local anaesthetic) and safe for your health. Our technician will work hard to get your teeth done and within a few hours, you will leave with your brand new smile.
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Dental Implants

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root. It is the only method of tooth replacement that will stop more teeth from going missing, because it replaces all of the parts of the teeth, thereby stopping the disintegration of the alveolus. Dental implants consist of a dental implant that goes into the jaw, an abutment and a crown.
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Dental Crowns

A dental crown replaces the visible portion of the tooth, and thereby gives back chewing function and can help with speech impediments, but is powerless to stop tooth loss from becoming worse and from more teeth going missing, because it does not replace the tooth roots.
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Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a row of crowns meant to replace one or more teeth missing in a row. Bridges are not just aesthetic: they are needed for regular chewing functions; otherwise, you may start to experience damage to your jaw. 
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Dentures are for when there are no, or hardly any teeth left on an entire row. Dentures can come in removable or fixed kind, and can be stabilised using dental implants, or can be adhered, or use the force of suction to stay in place. To get dentures, you need only get your impression taken, and get the dentures fitted. You will have to go back on a regular basis to get them refitted.
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Implant Supported Denture

Dental implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Due to their stability and durability, only 4 implants are enough to support an entire denture, so even if you have lost the majority of your teeth you can still benefit from the advantages of dental implants with an implant- supported denture. Having an implant supported denture can give you back the ability to chew and smile like you would with your natural teeth.
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Sinus Lift

A rare oral surgical procedure, sinus lifts are performed only on the upper jaw, on the teeth near the sinus cavity. If an upper canine has been missing for a long time, the tissue between the sinuses and the oral cavity will become thinner and will become unable to house a dental implant. In these cases the dental implants may actually poke out into the sinus cavity. This is unhealthy, and potentially dangerous, as it leads to higher risk of infections. This is where a sinus lift comes in.
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Bone Grafting

Sometimes there is not enough bone material in your jaw to have a dental implant, and in these cases a bone graft is necessary. After losing a tooth the alveolus disintegrates slowly over time, and the bone density of the jaw drops dramatically, and if you want to replace the tooth, you will have to bone graft. This is an invasive but necessary surgery and requires an X-ray and a preliminary hygiene session.
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Tooth Replacement Before and After

Are you thinking of getting a dental implant to replace your missing or broken teeth? The best way to evaluate our dedicated team provides high quality service is through patient satisfaction. Look into our testimonials and dental case studies, in which we provide information about some more serious dental procedures we have given to our patients.

Name: Peter
Age: 48
Treatment: Maryland Bridge

Peter experienced missing teeth for years. One day he came along to our clinic and after a short consultation our dentist made his life better. He put in the teeth and since then Peter is proud of his confident smile.

Name: Maria
Age: 75
Treatment: Metal Porcelain Bridge

Maria was frustrated that she could not eat chewy meats, so she decided to replace her tooth. Nowdays she is happy  that she can order anything from the menu.

Name: Agapi
Age: 45
Treatment: Dental Implant

Teeth are important for a beautiful smile. This can be solved either with a dental implant or with a bridge. In case you wonder which is better you should consult our treatment coordinator staff and book a consultation but in this photo you can see how a crown solution looks in the end.

Name: Irene
Age: 35
Treatment: Dental Implant

Irene had numerous dental problems including missing teeth, bad oral hygiene status and much more. She had about 14 sessions with us in about a year and could say in the end her smile changed back to as it used to be many years before. Our favourite quote from her was: " Having an implant with you was better than a simple extraction with the NHS."
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