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Dental Fees & Prices

dental treatment
Half-year check-up(Valid only for treated patients by Forest & Ray)
  • Full check-up of teeth and oral cavity
  • An Intra-oral or Panoramic X-ray
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Oral health care routine consultation
Emergency Consultation
Panoramic X-ray
Small X-ray
from £119
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
from £249
from £135
Temporary filling
Root Canal Treatments
from £381
Crown / bridge / veneer recementation
from £129
Crown buildup
from £189
Medicine (Painkillers, Antibiotics)
Periodontal Assessment
Dental hygiene treatment
from £87
Dental hygiene treatment (by dentist)
from £117
Whitening home kit with 3 syringes
Whitening home kit with 6 syringes
ZOOM chairside whitening
Crown (Gold/Gradia/Zirkonium/Ceramic/Procera)
from £697
from £797
Inlay Onlay (Ceramic/ E-max/ Gold/ Zirconium)
from £697
Removable acryl denture (One arch)
from £997
Removable denture with locators (upper)
from £8,500
Removable denture with locators (lower)
from £7,500
Removable denture with locators (both arches)
from £15,500
All-on-4 implant (one arch)
from £12,500
All-on-4 — Same day implant (one arch)
from £16,500
All-on-4 implant (both arches)
from £22,500
All-on-4 — Same day implant (both arches)
from £29,000
Nobel dental implants
£2,650 (crown included)
Alpha Bio dental implants
£2,250 (crown included)
Crown (gold, implant quality)
from £990
Single tooth replacement
from £2,250 (crown included)
Short Orthodontic Consultation
Extensive Orthodontic Consultation
Metal Braces From
Aesthetic Braces From
Invisalign Aligners (Both Arches) From
Invisalign ClinCheck 3D Treatment Plan Creation
Spark Aligners (One Arch) From
Spark Aligners (Both Arches) From
Orthodontics Transfer Cases Available Booking Extensive Consultation
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