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A common question that people ask when considering orthodontic treatment is, "Can an orthodontist pull teeth?" The answer is "yes." However, the number of teeth removed depends on the severity of your case. Typically, a doctor will pull only one to four teeth. If they do have to pull teeth, they will usually explain the benefits and risks of the procedure to you in advance.

tooth extraction using forceps, special dental instrument for teeth removal

A dental extraction is usually followed by stitches, so you should expect some discomfort following the procedure. The dentist will also give you pain reliever to help you get through the procedure. After the procedure, you should avoid eating sticky or crunchy foods to avoid infection and reduce swelling. You should also rinse your mouth with antiseptic or salty water. Your dentist may also give you an oral syringe to remove any leftover food. Once the extraction is complete, your orthodontist can cover the gap left by the extraction. 

In certain cases, an orthodontist may have to pull teeth to correct an overbite. Overcrowded teeth make cleaning and caring for them difficult. While this procedure may not always be necessary, it is important to get a second opinion before you agree to the procedure. In addition, you should ask your orthodontist for photos of the results of the treatment. 

In addition to pulling teeth, an orthodontist can also perform dental procedures. During this procedure, your general dentist will check your teeth and gums for cavities and gum disease. During the process, the two dentists will work together to ensure that your teeth look perfect. They can also explain how the treatment will affect your dental health in the long run and the need for follow-up visits. In most cases, an orthodontist will work with you for 12 to 18 months. Learn more

An orthodontist may also recommend braces to correct misaligned teeth. The process of tooth alignment treatment can take anywhere from eight to 18 months and may include traditional braces to clear aligners. When the treatment is complete, you'll have a retainer to keep your teeth in place.

When an orthodontist is considering a surgical procedure to correct a bad bite or jaw bone, the dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon. While a tooth may be too big for the orthodontist to handle, it is crucial to rule out all other options before recommending an extraction. Orthognathic surgery may correct the problem and improve your ability to speak and chew food.

A tooth extraction can be simple or complicated. A simple extraction involves using a forceps-like device to loosen the tooth from its foundation. The dental professional then removes the tooth with forceps. A surgical extraction, on the other hand, requires a small incision. For this procedure, a surgeon will also need to remove some bone around the tooth.

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