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While the answer to the question of can orthodontist fill cavities is generally no, it's a good idea to seek a second opinion. The dentist who diagnosed your cavity will likely have a more thorough understanding of the procedure than you do. Cavities are typically treated in a similar fashion to braces. Typically, a cavity will be detected by tooth sensitivity, or a sharp ache when chewing. If you suspect you have a cavity, you should brush your teeth after meals and use a fluoride mouth rinse to help prevent further decay.

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The dentist will have input into the type of filling material used on your teeth. In general, a cavity can be easier to fill before braces are attached, but a cavity once braces are in place requires more attention. In addition, cavities can be more challenging to fill if they are large. In addition, cavities that are large can result in the need for spacers to support the braces.

If your braces are preventing you from seeing a dentist, you should schedule an appointment for a cavity check. The dentist will use a drilling machine to remove the decayed tooth and fill the cavity with an amalgam or composite material. Cavities that occur around wires or braces can be harder to treat and need close attention from the orthodontist to avoid further damage. If the decay is severe enough, however, it could impede the orthodontic treatment. Browse around this site

When choosing a dental surgeon, the dentist should consider the overall health of your teeth. This is because the filling should be able to match the surrounding tooth. In addition, the filling should not interfere with your bite. You should also consider the size and location of the cavity. This will determine how much the filling costs. However, a cavity can be difficult to detect if you have several fillings in your teeth.

A cavity is a spot on your tooth caused by bacteria chewing through the tooth's enamel. When a cavity is large enough, it exposes sensitive areas of your teeth, called dentin. This dentin can become infected and cause further pain and discomfort. In severe cases, it may require a root canal.

A cavity can pull away from the tooth over time. The empty spaces can provide a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause further decay. Additionally, the cavity can be damaged if you are hit in the mouth with a hard object. These spaces can also cause an infection if the tooth isn't properly protected.

In most cases, cavities can be filled at the dentist's office. This procedure is relatively simple and can take as little as an hour. The dentist will numb the teeth, gums, and surrounding skin before proceeding. The filling will prevent bacteria from recolonizing the tooth and causing further decay.

Composite resin fillings are also an option for filling cavities. These resins are tooth-colored and can last up to fifteen years with proper care. The process involves applying a paste that molds to the exact shape of a cavity. The dentist will then place the composites in layers to avoid any changes in your bite. Once in place, composite resin fillings are cured with ultraviolet light.

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