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Although removable braces can only treat certain kinds of orthodontic problems, the ones they can treat, they treat much better, much quicker and with much less discomfort. The advantages of Invisalign over other removable braces are simply undeniable: it is more comfortable, more aesthetically pleasing and can even be more cost efficient. Here are a few advantages that these kinds of orthodontics have over other forms of removable appliances!


Although this can change from person to person, and there are many factors (like sensitivity, shape and size of the palate, etc.) that can affect how a brace feels, it is safe to say that most patients report Invisalign as the most comfortable solution, and that is certainly an advantage. The reported satisfaction level is extremely high and this is understandable: clear aligners like Invisalign use weak occlusal forces to gently guide the teeth into a new, better position, and this requires much less force, much less torque, which ultimately means much less pain and discomfort for the patient.


Clear aligners are the most aesthetic kind of orthodontic brace. This is because they are made of a special clear plastic that is completely transparent, allowing you to smile with confidence. It is much more aesthetically pleasing than any other orthodontic solution, and can be removed when necessary (please keep in mind that Invisalign braces must be worn for at least 22 hours a day to be effective).


Removable braces are a much more hygienic solution that fixed braces, because you can take them out when eating and clean them whenever they feel dirty. Clear aligners also have the advantage of not having any pointy or sharp bits, meaning they will not cause damage to the soft tissues and will not scratch the tooth enamel, allowing for a more hygienic orthodontic treatment with less infections, inflammations or painful accidents.
Please be aware that although Invisalign and other clear aligners have advantages over fixed braces, they can only provide a set amount of dental treatments, meaning that more complicated orthodontic treatments are simply not possible with Invisalign. Always ask your orthodontist if this kind of brace is right for you!

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