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There are many options for orthodontics that will be the best for you. The pick is usually between fixed-line braces versus Invisalign, or other clear aligners. The choice is important, but do you know the difference between Invisalign and fixed braces? Let us explain it, so you can choose the best orthodontic solution for your problems!

Regular braces vs Invisalign

Everybody knows about traditional braces, which consist of brackets adhered to the teeth that are guided by an archwire. But did you know that adult orthodontics has brought us completely transparent and tooth coloured fixed aesthetic braces? This means they are almost invisible when you smile, and you can get lingual braces as well, which are on the backside of your teeth, making them truly invisible!
Invisalign is a brand of clear aligner. These aligners are removable trays that are shaped more or less like your teeth, and you get a new, slightly different one at every activation. These trays are gentle and removable, but must be worn for at least 22 hours a day making them ideal for adult orthodontics, ands for people who are in the public eye.

Benefits of Invisalign and regular braces

The benefits of Invisalign versus traditional braces may not be clear right off rip, so let us break it down for you:

Benefits of Invisalign:

  • Reportedly more comfortable than regular braces
  • Easier to clean, as you can take it out during eating and brushing your teeth, can easily clean the aligner when it becomes necessary, making it more hygienic
  • Completely invisible and shaped like your teeth

 Benefits of traditional braces:

  • Can complete all orthodontic treatments, whereas Invisalign can only correct some malocclusions
  • Usually faster, because you cannot remove it, and there is no chance of losing them
  • Cheaper yet more effective

To help you decide between Invisalign and traditional braces

Here are some questions you should ask yourself that can help you determine for sure which kind of orthodontic treatment you should go with. First is of course finance: as Invisalign is more expensive than fixed braces, is money tight right now? You are going to drop well over a thousand pounds on orthodontics, but how much is it going to hurt your budget? A quick glance at the figures should prove useful.

Second is appearance: how important is it? There are fixed braces that are aesthetically pleasing and are nearly invisible, but do you need them to actually not be in there (for example, do you perform publicly, are braces considered negative in your surroundings, etc.)? The third is the comfort/time issue. Sure Invisalign is much more comfortable, but it also takes longer, as patients tend to take it out often. If you don’t mind some of the discomfort but want it over, then invisalign.    

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