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Clear Aligners

What problem does it solve?

Clear Aligners can serve as an alternative to traditional braces. Unlike fixed metal or aesthetic braces they are nearly visible and removable: you can take them off while you eat and brush your teeth.

Expected treatment time or appointment:

change of aligner every 2 weeks, appointment approximately every 6-7 weeks

Meet our Orthodontist Dr Lydia Dzhukha

Dr Lydia Dzhukha Orthodontist in London

I'm a caring and enthusiastic dentist, trying to find optimal solutions for my patients. I graduated in 2008 as a dentist and have special interest in Orthodontics. I am attending the final year of my postgraduate training in Orthodontics at the University of Ulster.
Having experience in dentistry for 16 years, my mission is to provide the highest standard of dental care every day, drawing on my extensive education and ongoing training to ensure my patients receive expert and compassionate treatment.
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Clear Aligners W1, Holborn, Camden, Central London

Aligners are used when the orthodontic condition that needs to be corrected is not severe enough to warrant the use of a regular orthodontic brace. They are clear and see-through and are hard to detect; basically, it is like not wearing anything at all.

- See through plastic

- Change every six weeks

- Removable, but must be worn for 22 hours a day

Clear aligners are basically modified tooth guards that have orthodontic qualities and can fix slight malocclusions. They are removable orthodontic braces, and are becoming very popular in the ever expanding field of adult orthodontics, because they are smart and professional, and can be removed at any time, something that many professionals deem absolutely essential in their day to day lives. They are also a very aesthetic solution, because they are clear and transparent, and are only noticeable upon closer inspection.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are two rows of specially made medical plastic tooth guards that fit perfectly over your teeth. They are removable orthodontic braces that must be worn for at least 22 hours a day in order to have the intended effect. They are a more hygienic and more comfortable form of braces that can only correct slight malocclusions and aesthetic problems with the alignment of the teeth.

Clear Aligners London Near MeOrthodontist hand holding a clear dental aligner

Getting Clear Aligners in London

The process for getting clear aligners is the same as basically any other orthodontic process you may encounter. It consists of a session when an impression of your teeth is taken, and the braces are made in a few weeks. After that you will have to come in for activation sessions, where a new air of slightly different aligners will be given to you. You will also receive an aligner case that houses your aligners. At the end of treatment, you may receive a retainer as well, just like with regular, standard orthodontic braces.

Clear aligners need to be made especially to fit your teeth, and can only be made in a special laboratory at the company’s headquarters. This means a lot of expertise and special materials are used, which drives prices up. Along with this, the dentist has to apply the same amount of time and effort, and the activation sessions last for nearly as long, too, so the price tends to be a little bit higher than with traditional fixed orthodontic treatment. Retainers can also make the process more expensive, and patient participation in how long you wear the clear aligners also affects treatment time which affects price. Ask your orthodontist what the end price will be.

Let's compare these teeth-straightening options


Clear aligner treatments are gaining in popularity among orthodontic patients, and for a good reason. Aligners are discrete, comfortable, and more reliable than ever before. When people think of clear aligners, Invisalign is the first thing that comes to mind. But other clear aligner treatments also offer excellent results, including the Spark Aligner system.

Invisalign and Spark Aligners are regarded as much more comfortable than traditional braces. Both aligners are excellent for people with metal allergies or sensitivities. Because of the thinner nature of Spark Aligners, they may be more comfortable than Invisalign.

The cost of both treatments varies depending on a patient's unique needs, but most patients can expect to pay at least a couple of thousand pounds for either treatment.

Let's see them in more detail!

Spark aligners

The next generation of aligners is the Spark Aligners. It is a lifetime system that can be taken out or adjusted as your teeth move. Both orthodontic methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but we can say that Spark Aligners in London are clearer and stronger than Invisalign.

Spark Aligners are made by a machine, and then hand-trimmed for the comfort of the patients. This two-step process helps to find the exact fit and accurate treatment results.

The benefits of Spark aligners

  • Spark Aligners are virtually invisible, so they are a transparent option in orthodontics.
  • Absolutely convenient. You can simply remove your aligners for important events and meal times.
  • They are made exactly for your smile, and Spark Aligners are both comfortable and extremely efficient.


Invisalign is one of the most recognizable brands of clear aligners. Clear aligners can serve as an alternative to traditional braces. Unlike fixed metal or aesthetic braces, they are nearly visible and removable: you can take them off while you eat and brush your teeth. They are thin and personalized precisely for you and are thus nearly invisible when worn.

You will receive new sets of aligners at each activation session, which will be 1-2 weeks. These transparent aligners will gently guide the teeth into a better position where they align more with each other until the final result is achieved.

Invisalign benefits

  • Aesthetically pleasing: Invisalign is nearly invisible; it seems like you aren’t wearing braces.
  • Hygienic: Because it can be removed whenever you like as long as you wear it for 22 hours a day, eating can be done without braces getting in the way. This way, the food doesn’t get caught in your teeth or between your braces and teeth, as you can eat without them.
  • Comfortable: Patients have reported that Invisalign is comfortable because of the ease of being able to take them out and rinse them. These benefits also make it much better to wear, with less sore and aching gums.
  • Safe: Because the food doesn’t get caught in the teeth, there are lower chances of tooth decay. There is also no metal touching the teeth, so no demineralisation, making this a safer option overall.
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