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The era of mandatory train track braces are officially over! Not only are there more aesthetic options that do the exact same thing, but now, you can wear absolutely invisible dental braces too, by getting them on the side of your teeth facing inwards, or by getting completely transparent brackets! Brackets made from sapphire crystals are now here, and provide a perfect aesthetic solution to the problem of adult orthodontics. Read on to find out more.

What are sapphire crystals?

Sapphire, like most minerals, has the ability to form monocultures and crystallise. These crystals are extremely durable, completely transparent, are scratch free, and can be fashioned into pretty much anything. Before orthodontry and the medical world started to make use of these fantastic transparent-bluish wonders of nature, industry has long since made use of them. They are used in the screens of equipment that needs to withstand lots of pressure or heat but still has to be legible, even from a distance. They are also the basic element in many shatter proof glasses.

Crystal brackets for aesthetic braces

Sapphire crystals are completely bio-compatible and hypoallergenic, and can be fashioned into brackets for aesthetic braces. These brackets form the part of a brace that works exactly like traditional metal braces. The aesthetic braces work just as fast, do just as much, but are almost undetectable. From a distance, these brackets are completely invisible, and even up close, they only make the teeth look a little bit bigger. They are very difficult to stain, and are virtually scratch free, making them the ideal choice for adults or for patients who are conscious of their appearance.

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Drawbacks of sapphire crystal braces

Medically speaking there are no drawbacks to this kind of orthodontic system. They work just as well as metal braces, and do not have any setbacks compared to traditional metal braces. They are more expensive though, as the material they are made of is very special and requires special training to make. Aside from this, there are no drawbacks; the same treatment time, with the same level of comfort and the same size of brackets, with an aesthetically much more pleasing material. Call your orthodontist today and ask if sapphire crystal braces are an option for your orthodontic treatment.

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