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The era of mandatory train track braces is officially over! Now, you can wear transparent braces on the side of your teeth facing inwards or by getting completely transparent brackets! Brackets made from sapphire crystals are now here and provide a perfect aesthetic solution to the problem of adult orthodontics. Keep reading to find out more.

Young Woman with sapphire braces at the dentist

What are sapphire braces? What are the main differences between ceramic and sapphire brackets?

The composition of sapphires, like most minerals, is highly durable, completely transparent, scratch-free, and can be fashioned into pretty much anything. They are used in the screens of specific equipment that must withstand lots of pressure or heat but still have to be legible, even from a distance. They are also the fundamental element in many shatterproof glasses.

In dentistry, aesthetic braces are the only entirely transparent bracket in orthodontics. These braces, made from crystal-clear sapphire, are more stain-resistant than ceramic brackets made from porcelain. They even can be made of plastic chemical composites, which can be more porous. 

The enamel on our teeth has a pigment, and everyone's tooth color is slightly different, which makes it challenging to find a tooth-colored bracket to match everyone. Using this high-quality orthodontic option pulls in color from the teeth, no matter what shade the teeth are. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, they are twice as resistant to breakage as other ceramic braces. They also require less force when removed from the teeth and have a low friction profile that provides optimum patient comfort.

What are the advantages of sapphire brackets?

Nowadays, sapphire crystal is a biocompatible, hypoallergenic material selected to manufacture aesthetic braces. These braces work in dental correction just as fast as fixed metal brackets, but they almost go unnoticed. They rarely get to stain, are long-lasting, and virtually scratch-free, making them the ideal choice for patients conscious of their appearance.

These white, translucent brackets adapt perfectly with the color of the natural tooth, giving you the confidence to smile without anyone noticing you are wearing them. Sometimes, the patient can choose a white metallic wire for the brackets that make them look even less noticeable.

How to care for sapphire braces?

It's true that nowadays, some brands of less expensive clear brackets become discolored with wear. The porcelain type can injure from food or beverages, such as tomato sauces, soft drinks, coffee, tea, and grape juices. However, some quality brackets on the market do not stain so quickly and keep their transparency.

Good hygiene can prevent stains and improve orthodontic treatment. Brushing within 20 minutes after eating foods or drinking beverages that can stain the brackets, you are reducing a considerable amount of unnecessary discomfort. Staying away from sticky foods (chewing gum) and having optimal oral hygiene are good practices for keeping white teeth free of tooth decay and plaque residue. Even patients with aesthetic braces can take measures to ensure they stay looking aesthetically pleasing.

On average, you should brush your teeth twice daily with non-whitening toothpaste. It is essential to have the ligatures of your brackets changed regularly, as they can stain faster over time. 

The cleaner your braces are, the less friction created as far as orthodontic movement goes during your treatment plan. That means the braces can move the teeth quickly, and you do not require to extend the treatment duration. Patients who do not brush and floss properly risk sore and inflamed gums, making it more difficult for the orthodontist to align the teeth properly.


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