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Orthodontic Treatments

We provide all facets of orthodontic treatments, traditional metal braces and aesthetic braces, clear aligners and much more. We work with several different orthodontic systems and have our dental laboratory and x-ray machine, making orthodontic treatment faster, easier, and cheaper!

Meet our Orthodontist Dr Lydia Dzhukha

Dr Lydia Dzhukha Orthodontist in London

I'm a caring and enthusiastic dentist, trying to find optimal solutions for my patients. I graduated in 2008 as a dentist and have special interest in Orthodontics. I am attending the final year of my postgraduate training in Orthodontics at the University of Ulster.
Having experience in dentistry for 16 years, my mission is to provide the highest standard of dental care every day, drawing on my extensive education and ongoing training to ensure my patients receive expert and compassionate treatment.
5 Star Positive Review About Dr Lydia Dzhukha Spark Aligners in London
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Orthodontist in Central London

Orthodontics is first and foremost a measure to ensure proper oral hygiene and long-term dental health; as such, orthodontics is a branch of medicine, not aesthetics. Straight teeth are easier to clean and care for than crooked teeth. Reducing gaps and crevices decrease the likelihood of stuck food, plaque buildup, and bacteria growth. Orthodontics also reviews the proper functioning of the jaws, as a jaw that closes well will experience less wear and tear when eating and chewing. Proper tooth alignment leads to a cleaner, healthier, happier smile.

Aesthetic Braces

These appliances combine the effectiveness of traditional metal braces with the great advantage of a spotless look provided by clear brackets.
It might be the perfect choice if you are conscious of your appearance! They handle any problems that traditional fixed braces address and are functionally the same. The only difference is that they are discreet, look smart, and are not associated with childhood.
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Metal Braces

Fixed metal braces are the most frequently used orthodontic system. They are sometimes called traditional braces. Wearing them might not give you the perfect appearance during your treatment, but these are the most efficient and cost-effective way to align your teeth. Even if they are not the most aesthetic choice on the market today, they are the most widely used appliance with excellent results. A strong and reliable system: correct spacing, crowding, bite discrepancies, and pull-down teeth that have not erupted correctly or may be impacted.
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Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are made of medical plastic that fits perfectly over your teeth like a mouthward. They are removable orthodontic braces that patients must wear for at least 22 hours daily to have the intended effect. They are a more hygienic and more comfortable form of braces that can only correct slight malocclusions and aesthetic problems in the alignment of the teeth. 
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Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is a clear aligner brand. They are thin and personalized precisely for you and are thus nearly invisible when worn. Transparent braces will gently guide your teeth into a better position where they align more with each other until the final result is achieved. You will receive new sets of aligners at each activation session for 1-2 weeks.
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Spark Aligners

Spark Aligners can serve as an alternative to traditional braces or other clear aligner brands like Invisalign. Unlike fixed metal or aesthetic braces they are nearly visible and removable: you can take them off while you eat and brush your teeth. These aligners use a unique transparent material that is custom-made for your teeth and gum line.They will straighten your teeth, often in less time than traditional braces.  While things like coffee, fruit juice, chocolate, or tea can stain the material, it may take longer for the discolouration to become visible. 
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Orthodontics For Children

As the jawbones and the face are still growing, orthodontic treatment for children can be very different from adult orthodontics. Early orthodontic treatment can start around 6-7 and potentially eliminate the need for more harsh treatment in the future. Children have only milk teeth at this age, and their jawbone is constantly growing. Orthodontic devices are used to train children’s bones on their facial muscles. The orthodontist, therefore, may recommend removable devices and functional trainers for your child.
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Orthodontic Treatment Before and After

Are you thinking of getting braces? Do you want to see how Forest & Ray does on more expensive, long-term dental treatments? Look into our testimonials and dental case studies, in which we provide information about some more severe dental procedures for our patients. Patient satisfaction is the best way to evaluate our dedicated team providing high-quality service.
Orthodontic Treatment Crowding and Overbite - Alexandra BeforeOrthodontic Treatment Crowding and Overbite - Alexandra After

Name: Alexandra
Age: 25
Treatment: Crowding and Overbite

Alexandra had metal braces for around one year. Now she wears fixed retainers and is very satisfied with her new smile.
Orthodontist Crowding Susan BeforeOrthodontist Crowding Susan After

Name: Susan
Age: 13
Treatment: Crowded Teeth 

Susan was worried about her crowding. She didn't like her smile and also had difficulties in proper cleaning. We changed her smile in 16 months with fixed braces in both arches! (13 visits). Now we are in the retention phase. She wears fixed retention wires in the back of her teeth and comes to see us every three months.
Orthodontic treatment for cross bite Flora beforeTeeth corrected by orthodontist for crossbite Flora after

Name: Irene
Age: 14
Treatment: Crossbite

Our patient Irene had crossbite in the incisor and lateral area as well because of her very narrow upper arch. We started her treatment by widening the upper jaw with a transpalatal arch, and then with fixed braces - upper and bottom. In 18 months (16 appointments) we all loved the results!
Orthodontics for crossbite Marian beforeCorrected crossbite by orthodontic treatment Marian after

Name: Marian
Age: 39
Treatment: Crossbite

Marian had a habitual frontal cross bite, affecting her teeth and her facial appearance. After removing an incisor in the lower arch and being in treatment for 16 months, we corrected the bite. Treatment was carried out with fixed appliances in both arches. 

Orthodontists fix overbites, underbites, crossbites, crowding, diastema, prognathism and jaw misalignments. Orthodontics is a branch of medicine, not aesthetics!

We are located in Central London

Our address is: 8F Gilbert Place, Holborn (next door to Bloomsbury), London, WC1A 2JD. About Camden: Lincoln's Inn Fields is a neighbourhood in the extreme south of the borough that is only 500 metres from the Thames. The northern part of the borough is home to Kentish Town, Hampstead, and Hampstead Heath, which are less populous districts. Numerous parks and open areas may be found in the London Borough of Camden. City of Westminster (near Soho, London) and the City of London are the next-door boroughs, followed by Brent to the west of what was once Roman Watling Street (now the A5 Road), Barnet and Haringey to the north, and Islington to the east. It encompasses all or a portion of the following postcode areas: N1, N6, N7, N19, NW1, NW2, NW3, NW5, NW6, NW8, EC1, WC1, WC2, W1, and W9.
The borough of Camden also includes Bloomsbury, known for its garden squares. To the west, the fashionable district of Marylebone is rich in shops and restaurants, while the prestigious Mayfair extends slightly into Camden. Covent Garden, famed for its entertainment and market, adds to Camden's vibrancy. Bordering the east of the borough are Clerkenwell and Farringdon, hubs for the design industry and renowned for their mix of old and new architecture. Although Lambeth and South Bank are located south of the Thames and not within Camden, they contribute to the broader cultural scene that Camden residents can easily access. To the east of Camden, beyond Islington, lies the diverse and bustling borough of Hackney, which provides a distinct cultural blend of its own. Wimpole Street and Harley Street (very close to Camden) are famous for the high number of private health care providers, especially dentists.

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