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Change your life once and for all by our top quality dental implants ‐ from the price of £5.3 per day only and no interest to pay.*

The offer includes:

Dental treatment typeFee
Implantfrom £950
Standard abutmentfree
Healing screwfree
Porcelain fused to metal crown (implant quality)from £900
Hygienefrom £87
Post-op check upfree
Medication if neededfree
X-ray during the treatmentfree
Sumfrom £1937
daily price/1 year

*With 0% APR finance option

monthly/ 1 year

*With 0% APR finance option


Full pricelist HERE

Steps of the implantation:

  1. Consultation
  2. Treatment plan supported by modern diagnostics
  3. Thorough dental hygiene
  4. Implantation (titanium implant screw)
  5. Healing time (from 2 to 6 months)
  6. Crown (permanent)

What could be simpler? Spread the cost of your treatment over a period to suits you!
Try our finance calculator!

  • No interest to pay*

*Below £3000 and if the payback period is 6/10/12 months

  • Easy and fast application process


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