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You could say these two are not your average couple. A man has decided that instead of diamonds, the way to woe his mistress and make a proper woman out of her is to give a piece of himself: his extracted wisdom tooth, carefully wrought into a ring for his fiancé. Of course, she said yes and is now happily married, as far as we know. This is an extremely clever and extremely safe way of saving a bunch of money: you give something personalised and unique, that only she has, and yet don’t have to blow a bunch of money on unethically acquired jewellery and bankrupt yourself just before your honeymoon. Having a wisdom tooth as a ring is safe, affordable and will last a while. Dead teeth will not decay or become demineralised, but the tooth will eventually turn to dust though, but if kept under the right conditions, that can take decades, much longer than the average marriage lasts. But the wisdom tooth can also lacquered and treated so it can literally last centuries, and the strange but endearing memorial can become a bizarre heirloom.

Not the first, really

Jewellery made of hair, teeth and other non-perishable human bits is not a new fad. The Victorians loved it more than anyone, and before that, bishops, cardinals and popes used to have elaborate necklaces and rings that kept the body parts and earthly remains of saints. Lockets with a bit of a loved one, rings that hide a piece or two, these have all been done before. But to make an engagement ring of yourself, well, that may very well be a new one.

How long will it last?

If properly preserved, the tooth can last well beyond a lifetime, as mentioned earlier. An untreated tooth may be prone to decay and to demineralisation, but if the tooth was preserved, than the layer of lacquer or whatever else was used to preserve will start to chip away instead of the tooth, and that layer can be replenished at will.

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