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Loose teeth are a huge problem that can start at any age and with any sort of background. Although in our society, we tend to associate loose teeth with poverty, old age and drug abuse, these are not the only factors that contribute to teeth becoming mobile, and many other, less conspicuous or lewd factors can play a role in the loosening of your teeth. Here are just some of the ways and reasons why your teeth can become mobile

Although a million different reasons can lead to your teeth becoming loose and moving about, all of them work with the same mechanism. The jawbone or the gingiva becomes too weak or thin to hold the tooth or give the tooth wiggle room. This can be because of a bacterial infection (gingivitis or periodontitis in its more extreme form) of the gums that make them reduce, or too swollen to be able to house the teeth in a healthy manner, it can be because of a systemic disease like HIV or diabetes that weakens the jawbones and makes them porous or weak and allows the teeth to rattle about in their sockets, or it can be because of damage to the gums or the jawbones from outside forces, but the end result is that the periodontium, the part of your body that surrounds your teeth, becomes weakened or is gone, and thus the teeth can easily fall out or become unanchored.

Very rarely orthodontic problems can also contribute to the teeth falling out, but usually, this is also in combination with damage or physical trauma of some sort.

What to do with mobile teeth?

At the very first sign of the teeth becoming looser or moving where they didn’t previously, you need to go to the dentist at once. This means that any movement at all is suspicious. The dentist will most likely need to take an x-ray and may need to measure your bone density. If you have gum disease like gingivitis or periodontitis, a thorough deep cleaning hygiene session, along with a course of antibiotics should do the trick, but you may need to undergo oral surgery in order to be completely cured of the problems that are causing the mobility.

If the problem is caused by falling bone density in the jawbone then you are faced with a real problem. You need to find out why your bone density has changed, and act accordingly. There might be more serious problems that will require you to change your lifestyle, or maybe surgery or a dietary supplement will be necessary.

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