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NHS also has dental service, but it is very debated. So much surveys point out, that many people cannot afford it even if it is a public service. This is why NHS service may not reach its purpose.

Problems and facts

According to the British Dental Association, 600.000 people visit GPs for dental care in a year instead of going to a dentist and it costs £26m for the NHS.
In addition one in five patients pass over dental treatment because of the costs. It is a very serious problem because if you do not visit the dentist on time, your teeth will permanently decay  and the problem will become more and more serious and difficult to handle.
This situation also affects children: around 46.400 children need to go to the hospital a year because of tooth decay. In the case of children, dental care is crucial because it establishes their oral health in their whole life. According to a survey, one in seven children have not visited a dentist ever under the age 8.

Financial issues

For NHS dental service, you have to pay contribution for your treatment. There are four types of cost, what you can pay for the care, from around £20 to £240. Many patients cannot afford this amount of money, and do not understand, why they should pay for a relatively ‘free’ treatment.

NHS Dentist

What can you do?

You can do several things to reduce tooth decay: 

  • wash your teeth twice a day, use mouthwash and dental floss
  • eat healthy foods
  • pay attention to all the changes in your mouth

If you have children:

  • teach your children the right tooth brushing technique
  • help them to reduce their sugar intake
  • examine their teeth regularly to notice tooth decay on time
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