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Achieving and maintaining a healthy smile is a lifelong process. It is essential that we adhere to the necessary oral care habits on a daily basis as well as procure the right oral care products. In our article, we summarized what are the most important oral care habits to look out for in our daily routine.

Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth!

It’s no secret that brushing teeth twice a day is the general recommendation to maintain proper oral hygiene. Nevertheless, many people continue to neglect evening brushing. Brushing your teeth before going to bed frees us from bacteria and plaque  that accumulates on our teeth during the day, so we should not miss it!

Brush your teeth properly!

The technique of brushing your teeth is just as important as regularity. Take time to brush your teeth! Use the toothbrush to remove plaque by gently moving in a circular motion to prevent the build-up of tartar, which often leads to gingivitis.

Don’t forget to clean your tongue either!

Plaque also accumulates on our tongues. This can lead not only to an unpleasant mouth odour but also to other oral problems. Also gently wash your tongue as part of any tooth brushing.

Use fluoride toothpasteWe tend to think that the whitening effect or taste is the most important factors when choosing a toothpaste. In fact, no matter which version you choose, make sure it contains fluoride.

This is because fluoride provides excellent protection against tooth decay by providing a protective barrier to our teeth.

Dental floss, dental floss, dental floss!

Even most regular toothbrushes tend to neglect regularfloss use. In addition to using dental floss to remove pieces of food left between your teeth, it is also a great way to stimulate the gums and reduce plaque. Using floss once a day is usually sufficient.

Drink more water!

Water remains the best drink to maintain our overall health, including oral health. Drink a glass of water after each meal as this can help wash away sticky and acidic food and drink residue stuck between your teeth.

Eat crisp fruits and vegetables!

Consuming fresh, crispy foods contains not only healthy fiber but also the best choice for your teeth.

Parents are also encouraged to accustom their children to foods that are more difficult to chew at an early age. Let’s try to avoid things that are processed too pasty and let our teeth chew!

Avoid acidic and sugary foods!

The sugar is converted to acid in the mouth, destroying the enamel. Acidic fruits, teas and coffee can also wear the enamel of our teeth. While it is not necessary to completely avoid such foods, it does not hurt to be careful about their frequency.

Visit our dentist at least twice a year!

Our general dental health is greatly influenced by our daily habits, however, it is essential that we visit our dentist every six months for a general check-up! This is because the dentist is able to detect potential dental problems in time and also provides treatment solutions.

At the Forest & Ray Dental Practice, you come to any of our dentists, you can trust yourself with a calm heart because of your expertise and practice, and you can be sure that you will receive a friendly reception and special attention.

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