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With all the uncertainty that exists in the country today it is comforting to know that, amidst all the confusion, there are still things you can count on—people you can trust. In this regard, the quality dental care that is afforded at the Forest & Ray Dental Practice comes to mind. For more than 11 years we have delivered quality, reliable and dependable dental services to London and beyond right from our ideal, centre-city location. 

Benefits of Forest & Ray

There are many other reasons to choose Forest& Ray besides, dependability, accessibility and convenience. One is that our highly experienced dentists and support team are multi-lingual and boast decades of combined experience. We also speak your language!  The dental professionals, in addition to English of course,  speak Hungarian, Greek, French, Italian, Polish, and Russian.

All Dental Procedures in One Place

At Forest & Ray, we practice a full array of dental procedures in our sparkling facility. Whether you need full mouth rehabilitation, hygienics or general dentistry,  you would do well to choose us for all your dental needs. Whether it be oral surgery, dental implantology or cosmetic treatments and orthodontics all affordably rendered, this is the dental clinic to turn to. We specialize in general dentistry, tooth replacement and now even anti-wrinkle therapy- all in one place. And that’s not all. Because we have our own dental lab, it allows us to produce dental prosthetics quickly and for less money than most dental clinics in London!

We think you’ll agree with thousands of our satisfied patients that Forest & Ray is a place you can trust with your smile!

Financing Available, Too

Speaking about reliability and dependability, we can also add flexibility. At Forest& Ray, we believe no one should forego dental work because of the cost. We are aware that some people put off needed dental care because of the initial money outlay. Not to worry. At Forest& Ray, we are here to help with comfortable financing options which let you spread out the payments over time. Now, maybe for a few pence a day, you can have a beautiful mouth.  It could be the way to go if you are a UK resident for at least 3-years, 21 or over and have a permanent job.

Our Financing Options:

  • Deposit free or low-cost finance
  • Spread the cost of your dental treatment
  • Decision usually within 24-48 hours
  • 12 months interest-free credit under £3000 loan
  • Easy to apply for
  • Start treatment within 2 weeks after contract*

* There are some other stipulations, so check with us for more details about this attractive option

Forest & Ray is a place you can trust with your smile!
Forest & Ray is a place you can trust with your smile!

What Are You Waiting For?

Perhaps you’ve been postponing the journey to gorgeous teeth and that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Wait no longer- you’ll find it all at Forest & Ray Dental Clinic. Our professionals are ready and waiting for you and at a price that is sure to brighten your smile even more.

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