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Do you have bad breath no matter how often you brush your teeth? Are your teeth in good condition, but your breath still smells bad? Here is a guide for what may be causing bad breath, and by identifying one of these problems, you are that much closer to regulating and normalising your breath. Read on and find out the best methods to deal with halitosis.


The most important thing to use to get rid of your halitosis is mouthwash. Halitosis is often caused by food particles decaying in places that you cannot reach with your toothbrush, and by the accumulation of bacterial life in the plaque and tartar on your teeth. These nasty little bits of bacterial life produce smelly by-products when they digest food that you eat, and by doing so, they contribute to bad breath and tooth decay. Mouthwash will get to every bit of your mouth, even the hard-to-reach places, and is thus super effective at removing caked-on food detritus and plaque or tartar.

Tooth gaps

One of the main places where the bacteria that cause bad breath to accumulate in between the teeth. The tooth gaps are thus one of the main places that cause halitosis, and it is little surprise: even if the tooth surfaces are clean, if there is food rotting between the teeth, it will smell bad when you talk. Using dental floss or an interdental toothbrush is the best way to get rid of the food detritus that gets caught in the tooth gaps, and rinsing with mouthwash or using an oral irrigator to blast the tooth gaps is also a great way to keep them clean.

The tongue

Bacteria accumulate and thrive on the tongue like on all other parts of the mouth, but the tongue is very rarely cleaned as part of the oral hygiene routine. Although using mouthwash will bathe the tongue in material that damages these colonies, it is best to buy a toothbrush with a tongue scrubber and scrub your tongue thoroughly. This will remove bacteria from the tongue, and lessen the halitosis.

Non-dental causes of halitosis

Certain medical conditions, like diabetes, acid reflux disease, and an open stomach will cause your breath to smell bad. These conditions cannot be fixed by a dentist or by brushing your teeth, and you need to get other medical help to fix the problem.

Please note that every half a year or so, professional dental cleaning is needed as a preventative measure and an oral health booster.

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