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In conjunction with an oral hygiene regimen which includes brushing and flossing it is a proven way to kill the bacteria which causes all kinds of problems for your teeth, tongue, and gums. This simple, inexpensive procedure performed regularly is preventive medicine that can help avoid costly visits to the dentist. It is recommended as a complement to the other common oral hygiene practices because brushing and flossing are not sufficient to kill the bacteria that leads to bad breath, cavities, and more.

Have you ever talked to someone with stinky breath? It’s the bacteria growing in the mouth that is the culprit. Rinsing your mouth with salt water will kill that bacteria and eliminate the problem. A salt water solution temporarily increases the pH balance in your mouth, creating an alkaline environment in which bacteria struggle to survive. Because bacteria generally prefer an acidic setting, using the rinse often enough can kill the bacteria as it balances the chemicals in the mouth.

Salt’s Many Benefits

Raw salt, which is primarily sodium chloride, restricts bacterial growth in many foods and preserves them because it absorbs water molecules. Bacteria need moisture in order to thrive, so without enough water they cannot grow well. Salt water rinsing is not a new fad. Its use dates back to the Egyptians and Greeks- as far back as 16000 BC. Today, we have built upon the knowledge of our early ancestors by continuing to utilize the healing power of salt water for a wide range of purposes. These include oral hygiene and killing the problem-causing bacteria in our mouths. Because of the many healing qualities of salt, rinsing with it frequently after undergoing a dental procedure, especially minor surgery, is very beneficial. It is especially effective in the 24-hour period after such minor surgery. Dentists recommend salt water because it is gentler in killing harmful bacteria than some harsher prescription or over-the-counter remedies-especially those that are alcohol-based. A salt water rinse will also help to remove pesky food particles that hide between the teeth. It will soothe irritated gums as well. Beyond this, there are other benefits to be derived from rinsing with salt water.  It can help cure a sore throat due to a common cold and also soothe and heal mouth sores. A word of caution: washing your mouth with salt water and spitting it out is harmless but swallowing it in large quantities can be harmful.

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Making a Salt Water Rinse

Killing the harmful bacteria in the mouth with a salt water rinse is cheap and easy. Simply mix a ½ a teaspoon of salt in a cup or glass of warm water- that’s it. Remember to rinse your mouth every two to three hours for the first few days after the dental procedure or surgery. Then, use your salt rinse three to four times a day after that.  Killing bacteria in your mouth was never easier, quicker, or cheaper. In fact, salt is one of the cheapest ingredients you can buy, period. It’s a major reason why the versatile, humble salt rinse has survived the millennia and should be added to your daily health regimen today.

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