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Different people need different kinds of oral care in different periods of their life. Mothers are just the same; the demands of childbirth and of raising children and having a career take their toll on the body, and this shows up as damage on the teeth. Here in this article, we wish to talk a little about the unique challenges that mothers have to face, and what to look out for at different stages of life, to make sure that you are ready to face the challenges that motherhood might pose on your dentition.

Oral care during pregnancy and with a small baby

During pregnancy, your immune system and blood supply is extra heavily taxed, because the baby is using the mother’s immune system and blood to stay alive. This means that the body is less able to fight off infections, so bleeding, puffy and inflamed gums resulting from periodontitis are very common during this time of a woman’s life. The best way to help your teeth out is to have regular check-ups with your dentist during pregnancy, once every trimester, and to get a hygiene session and all dental work you may need done before you get pregnant.

Life with small children

Children grow up very fast. This means that you will be running after a toddler or small child in on time, and all of your time will revolve around trying to keep up with them. This can mean you will find less time to worry about your teeth and your oral health. The most important thing during this phase of life is to go to the dentist regularly for check-ups every six months, to prevent any major problems from forming. Having a health package in your purse, with a toothbrush and paste, is a great idea, as it gives you time to brush if you are on the go. Taking calcium and magnesium is also a good idea, as calcium replenishes the enamel of your teeth, and magnesium helps it to travel around the body.

Towards menopause

Once you reach the time around which you body is getting ready for menopause, the hormonal levels in your body change. These changes can make women more prone to osteoporosis, which can affect the health of gums, the stability of teeth and the jawbones. The stress and irregular sleep experienced during motherhood may have an effect on the bone material and the teeth as well. Eating calcium and magnesium is still very important, as are regular six month checkups. The most important thing in this time of life is to remain active and to eat healthy, as this will make sure that your teeth are good for as long as possible.

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