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Dentistry has come very far, and now there are very few dental problems that modern medicine does not have some kind of remedy for. Many people think that only the shade or alignment of their teeth can be changed when in reality, every single aspect of your smile can be manipulated and improved upon. In this article, we wish to talk a little about how the gums can be adjusted for a prettier, healthier smile that will give you the confidence you need in your day-to-day social interactions. Read on to find out more.

Crown lengthening

If you have a smile that is too gummy and does not show enough of your crown, a simple procedure can change that in an instant. Crown lengthening is a procedure by which the gums around the tooth in question are trimmed back to reveal more of the tooth, providing a more radiant smile.

This procedure is a facet of oral surgery and requires surgical intervention, but it is not just a question of vanity. Gums that hang onto teeth can get food particles caught in them easily, and are much more likely to be infected with gingivitis, so getting the gums cut back can actually provide health benefits. The procedure rarely takes longer than 45 minutes and is done under local anesthetic.

Gum grafts

Sometimes a smile does not have enough gum, and the roots of the teeth or the unattractive yellowish, greyish cementum are showing. In these cases, a gum graft might become necessary.

A gum graft is an oral surgical procedure in which a bit of gum is removed and is grafted to where it is most needed. This is a routine procedure and is done all the time. The benefits of this procedure are also not just aesthetic: gum grafts provide insulation for parts of the teeth that should not be exposed to the outside world, as these bits are less able to stave off tooth decay. Tooth sensitivity is frequently caused by the exposure of teeth and the dental nerve being too close to the surface. A gum graft can insulate the nerves and can thus relieve tooth sensitivity.

These procedures require a healing time for the wounds on the gums. This means you may need to change the way you eat and what you consume, as some things may be uncomfortable until the gums are completely healed over, and you may need to change the way you brush for a few days, too. Ask your dentist for post-surgical instructions, and make sure you follow them precisely to avoid damage or infection.

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