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Located in central London, the Wellcome Collection Museum is a health and art museum that features collections of artwork, medical objects, and images. Visitors can also find a library, cafe, and conference facilities. It is a popular attraction that is free to enter. Children can learn about life, art, and science through interactive displays and exhibits. This museum is famous for its “Medicine Man” gallery, which features health-themed art from around the world. The gallery also includes anatomical models in wood and wax. The gallery has an apothecary-style cabinet with panels and extra information.

The Wellcome Collection offers a variety of temporary and permanent exhibitions. There are also interactive and educational exhibitions that teach kids about life, space, and engineering. They also have a Young Explorer’s Kit for 5 to 10-year-olds. Using geospatial technologies and an app, you can explore the collection in augmented reality. You can use the app to find fun activities and creative experiments in the galleries. There are also demonstrations, quizzes, and games.

The Reading Room is open to the public and hosts a changing program of exhibitions and events. You can browse the archive, which contains photos, letters, and personal papers. You can purchase books, magazines, and journals from the Wellcome Library, or view their collection of manuscripts. There are also workshops, discussions, and other activities that take place here. You can visit the library anytime. Learn more

The Wellcome Collection’s most notable exhibitions are about Human Anatomy. The latter is a well-designed gallery with interactive displays and interesting artworks, displaying 17th-century wooden anatomical models. The apothecary-style cabinet contains panels made of the same wood as the walls. The cabinet also includes a replica of Sir Henry’s life mask. The most impressive feature of this display is its ability to provide additional information. Among its more striking achievements are its permanent holdings of over a million objects relating to medical history and culture. It has also received commissions from a wide variety of artists, including Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst. 

The last rotating exhibition was “Rooted Beings” which explored the human experience in relation to climate change. The building also has a full-scale replica of an Apollo laser ranging reflectometer, which invites you to take pictures in front of the display. The gallery is also home to firefighting helmets from the Great London Fire. The building has been refurbished as part of a 2015 renovation. You can check the website to stay up to date with the latest exhibitions.

The Wellcome Collection Museum is a unique destination that combines artistic interpretation with the medical discoveries of its founder, Sir Henry Wellcome. The collection includes more than 250,000 objects, with a focus on the collision of life, art, and medicine. The museum is located on Euston Road, close to the Euston train station. The museum is run by the Wellcome Trust, which is one of the world’s leading medical charities. A museum is a place where you can discover stories about health and science, and how they affect people.

The Wellcome Collection is the best place in London to get a taste of history and culture while snooping around a library full of original artworks. The museum is also close to London’s most famous attractions, making it a popular place for tourists. Next blog post

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