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Located in London, Notting Hill is a neighbourhood known for its colourful houses and vibrant weekend markets. The area is also known for its annual Notting Hill Carnival, a world-famous street festival that attracts over 1 million revelers every year. The celebrations take place on the last bank holiday weekend in August. It is by far the largest of its kind in Europe. Click here for information

One of the main attractions in Notting Hill is the Portobello Market. The market is a lively one with cafes and shops. The market has a unique history, taking its name from the Porto Bello farm. In the past, the market was a fruit and vegetable market for the locals. The market is open six days a week and on Sundays, it is open for a day and a half. The market is popular for its fresh produce. 

This neighbourhood is also home to the Coronet Theatre, a Victorian-era venue with several performance spaces. This was the site where Will Thacker’s scene in the movie “Love Actually” was filmed. It is also home to the Churchill Arms, a pub with a very grand name. One of the city’s most unusual museums. The Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising is a great way to learn about the history of consumer culture. This museum contains over 12,000 original items, including fashion, toys, and home goods. The museum also runs a permanent exhibition.

Another Notting Hill landmark is the Trellick Tower, a working church built in the mid-19th century during the modernist movement. The tower is a symbol of Notting Hill’s character and is located on the edge of the West End.  Today, they are popular properties and have been converted into one of the most desirable areas in London. Notting Hill is home to many quirky attractions, such as a working distillery, a Michelin-star restaurant, and a quirky art gallery. It is also home to one of London’s most famous mews, the St Luke’s Mews. The mews were formerly used as horse stables and drivers’ quarters. 

If you would like to enjoy the nightlife in London there is a big number of traditional British pubs. The Elgin is one of the most popular, offering classic British pub food and live music on a regular basis. You can’t go wrong with a nice burger, and the wine platter is a must-try. The interior is also a sight to behold. Looking for the perfect photo opportunity, you should check out Simon Close Street, a re-purposed stables. The houses in the neighbourhood are all painted in pastel shades, making them perfect for Instagrammers.

Notting Hill is a diverse and multicultural neighbourhood in London. Is an excellent base for exploring the rest of the capital. There are several restaurants, so you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. The neighborhood is also the home of the world’s most famous Notting Hill Carnival, a 24-hour party that is the biggest of its kind in the world. The carnival is free to attend and takes place on the bank holiday weekend at the end of August. This a great post to read

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