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Located on the North West outskirts of London, Northwood is an affluent suburb that straddles the border with Hertfordshire. It is a prime location for anyone who wants to enjoy the best of both worlds; a suburban setting surrounded by green and open countryside, and easy access to the capital. The area is also popular amongst young professionals and retirees alike. The city has a number of golf clubs and pubs, as well as a Waitrose supermarket next to the railway station, making it an ideal commuter destination. Luckily, the area is home to a plethora of fine dining restaurants and other swanky establishments, as well as some of the city’s best hotels. Learn more

If you’re after a more sophisticated shindig, the Curtain Hotel, located in the buzzy Shoreditch neighbourhood, is a worthy gilded cage. The lavish hotel features a number of impressive amenities including marble bathrooms, a spa, and a members’ club. The tavern is also a posh place to dine, with its own onsite bar and restaurant. Its most impressive feature is its proximity to two of the capital’s most prestigious landmarks: The Shard and the Gherkin.

In addition to its elegant design, the Curtain Hotel boasts a number of other amenities that make it stand out from its more snobby neighbours. The library is a prime spot for reading or snoozing, and the hotel has one of the best rooftop pools in town.

The Scarfes Bar is a high-end cocktail bar. It features a number of colorful motifs, as well as a menu inspired by the Michael Jackson album. The bar also offers a number of award-winning cocktails, including the aforementioned. It also serves some of the best burgers in the area. It’s probably a good idea to book in advance if you’re hoping to sample the menu’s finest.

The Mirror Room is a tavern with a storied history. In addition to being one of the oldest taverns in London, it’s also known for its excellent British cuisine, its dazzling views of the city, and its stylish occupants. Its cocktail list is extensive, with names such as “The Blueprint” and “Thirsty” on the menu. It’s also the place to go for an augmented reality experience in the form of a tea-infused cocktail. It’s not just a bar; the lounge also boasts a library, gym, and an a la carte restaurant. It’s also the city’s only gin bar, with over 100 gins on offer. It’s the only place in town that hosts an awe-inspiring one-minute video.

The Mirror Room also has the honor of being the first tavern in the UK to install a consumer-grade augmented reality experience, allowing visitors to choose the perfect blend of tea. The aforementioned tea-infused cocktail can be retrieved by using the mobile phone’s browser. It’s worth noting that the best part of the Mirror Room is the view of the nearby city’s skyline, which is particularly breathtaking at sunset. The hotel’s other notable feats include its own health club, a Cognac and Cigar Garden, and its own spa. Next article

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