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London UK is a city in the United Kingdom. Its high standard of living is reflected in its scores on the OECD Better Life Index. British citizens score well in community, health, education, and job satisfaction. However, British workers are more likely to work long hours than workers in most other countries. The UK is a large country consisting of several islands and approximately 248,500 square kilometers.

London 5 United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, about 86% of the population identify themselves as white. The vast majority of whites are British or Irish. The other 7.5% of the population are members of Asian ethnic groups. These people include Pakistani and Indian people. The rest of the population is made up of black people, mixed/multiple ethnic groups, and others.

London has a large airport system, including Heathrow Airport (EU’s largest and busiest), as well as Gatwick (UK’s second-largest airport). There are a number of options available for getting around the city from the airport, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The most economical and convenient way to get around the city is by taking the London Underground.

The weather in London is temperate. The coldest month is August, followed by November. However, temperatures can still be high in these months, as well as during spring and autumn. Winters in London are not as cold as the summer months, so tourists are advised to visit at these times of the year. Despite the rainy season, spring and autumn offer a pleasant climate with various events and festivals.

The city’s arts scene is thriving, and visitors can enjoy a number of art and culture exhibitions and festivals. The South Bank is especially popular with art lovers, and has galleries, art shows, and film and music festivals. No matter what your interests are, London has something for everyone. You’re sure to have a great time. Check this out or continue reading.

While in the city, visitors should also check out some of the markets. The famous Camden Market consists of three markets, from Camden Town tube to the Regent’s Canal. You can find artisanal goods and street food at this market, which has a grungy vibe. Other markets include the Camden Lock Market and Stables Market, where you can buy souvenir T-shirts.

If you’re interested in politics, you should head over to Westminster, where the United Kingdom’s parliament is located. The Houses of Parliament are huge tourist attractions, and the famous Big Ben can be spotted here. The Houses of Parliament are in session from late September to mid-July. Buckingham Palace is another landmark worth visiting. Although tours aren’t available here year-round, you’re welcome to take photos of the palace. During the summer months, Queen Elizabeth II has four stone-faced sentries, which guard the palace.

Culture lovers can also take advantage of the wealth of museums in London. The city has a diverse array of top-notch museums, including the British Museum, which is home to over eight million ancient artifacts. The museum also has its own Tube station and is the world’s oldest public museum.

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