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Known as one of the most bohemian areas of London, Highgate has long been a favorite of the literary and musical elite. With its picturesque cobbled streets and Georgian houses, it is an old-world neighborhood that retains its village feel. There are quaint tea rooms, charming pubs, and cute cafes to enjoy while in the area. The town’s history dates back to the 1300s. At that time, it was the main entry point into London from the north. Today, it is a leafy residential neighborhood. There are some wonderful 18th and 19th-century houses in the area. Check this out

Several notable figures are buried in Highgate Cemetery, including Karl Marx and novelist George Eliot. The cemetery is famous for its elaborate tombs and wild greenery. There are over 50,000 graves and over 170,000 people resting on the grounds. The Highgate area is also home to an arts and education centre, Lauderdale House. This beautiful old mansion was built in 1582 and has been restored several times over the years. The estate is now used for a number of events and performances. During the summer months, the cafe in the garden is a popular destination. The upstairs hall is often used for concerts and exhibitions. 

The Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution was founded in 1839 to educate the wider public about the Industrial Revolution. It has a large library and a wide range of programs. There are regularly changing exhibitions, and a variety of events and programs are held here. In this area, you can visit Red Hedgehog Theatre, which is a classical and theatrical venue. This is a popular location for kite flyers and dog walkers. The Parkland Walk, which starts just behind The Boogaloo, is another place to visit. You can explore the former railway path from Highgate to Finsbury Park.

In addition to the attractions in Highgate, there are a number of great gastropubs in the area. These include the Bull, which has a beer garden, the Spanish’s Inn, and the Wrestlers pub. These pubs serve British classics, as well as exotic and unusual options. The Boogaloo is a legendary music venue and was the location of a reunion for the Libertines. The Flask, located on The Grove, is another local haunt. It is rumoured that Dick Turpin used to frequent this pub.

While in Highgate, you may want to check out the statue of the sleeping lion. This monument is a memorial to George Wombwell, the owner of Wombwell’s Travelling Menagerie of exotic animals in Victorian Britain. Other interesting locations include the High Tea of Highgate and the Upstairs at the Gatehouse. These are both popular sites for drinking and mingling. While in the area, you can also take a walking tour of the historic district, which is full of Georgian houses and pubs.

If you are looking for a unique way to experience the city of London, consider taking a walking tour of the neighborhoods surrounding it. Many of the cities’ best sites combine excellent locations with gentle exercise. Browse the next article

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