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The Master of Science (MSc) courses (resulting in a Master's Degree) in Orthodontics (full time) and in Clinical Orthodontics (part time) are perfect for the dentist wanting to carry out orthodontic treatment alongside their general dentistry.

Master in clinical orthodontics

The course aims to prepare you for practice, with the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills necessary to treat orthodontic patients of mild to moderate complexity.

Taught by renowned academics and experts in their field, you will learn how to use fixed appliances to treat a range of malocclusions. You will be exposed to an intensive mix of lectures, seminars and practical workshops including typodont exercises, treatment planning sessions and orthodontic mechanics classes. You will also have the opportunity to discuss clinical cases with peers and the faculty to formulate treatments based on sound judgement and up-to-date clinical evidence. Our objective is to provide dentists with the core knowledge and clinical skills essential for the delivery of competent, high-quality dental care.

Students enrolling in the clinical Master of Science course will be required to perform orthodontic procedures on patients as part of the Practical Skills Modules I, II and III. This is available under supervision for the GDC registered clinician in the Dental Hospital in the centre of Birmingham. Students wishing to perform their cases in their own practice will be required to request approval from the faculty at the time of admission, they will describe the availability of appropriate cases and appropriate supervision in their practice setting.

Source:, Ulster University's College of Medicine & Dentistry page of MSc in Clinical Orthodontics

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