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Kuban State Medical University Russia is one of the oldest and most famous medical universities in Russia, having been established in 1920, it is located in the southern part of Russia in the city of Krasnodar. Kuban State Medical University started taking MBBS admission for foreign students in the early 1960s, and since then, more than twenty thousand doctors and dentists have graduated from the university. All the graduate doctors from Kuban State Medical University are involved in medicinal practices in their respective countries.


The faculty at this university are well-learned, friendly, and experienced. The medium of instruction is English. Kuban University conducts several training and course delivery methods such as formal lectures, practical seminars, and laboratory classes; science and practical conferences; participating in thematic contests and competitions; observing patients in clinical settings in some of the best medical establishments in the city; departmental research; and visits to anatomic museums. Kuban State Medical University Russia is one of Russia’s top universities.

The first set of students to the Faculty of Dentistry numbered 56 people. In 1968 there was the first graduation of dentists of the Kuban Medical Institute. From the first days of the organization of the Faculty along with educational-methodical work of members of the department started to perform research. Over the years, the main theme of the complex scientific faculty research was mainly diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of inflammatory processes of the maxillofacial area. The staff of the faculty departments, having in its composition 6 doctors and 46 candidates of sciences, can solve the most complex tasks. Over the years the Faculty of Dentistry has prepared and issued more than 4,500 dentists.

Since 2000, the Department is implementing a new generation of educational standard plan that provides an in-depth study of the propaedeutic and clinical dentistry. At the core departments of the faculty are prepared and implemented in the new work program of the educational process.

The main objective of the faculty on the quality education of students has been and remains the development of clinical thinking. All relevant dental chairs constantly cooperate in the development and implementation in the educational process of new forms, methods, and means of the activation of the cognitive activity of students. At the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry, and prevention of dental diseases.


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