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The Bachelor of Dentistry is the field of medicine that studies oral diseases, through diagnosis and research, which includes exploring the possibilities of treatment. To become a dentist, you need to master the techniques of treatment and prevention specialized in dentistry medicine. The basic tasks included in dentistry are solving problems associated with oral diseases of their patients. Dental duties in this field of medicine include research, treatment and counselling. Dentists must understand dental prosthetics.


School of Dentistry. Undergraduate Studies at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

The aim of the undergraduate curriculum is to prepare the dental students, to develop the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to practice dentistry. A graduate dentist must possess competences based upon: Biomedical foundation knowledge, Preventive strategy, Social sensitivity and Seeking lifelong learning.

Preventive direction is central to health sciences, and a primary goal is not to treat injury or disease but also prevent them, and preserve any therapeutic effect. Social sensitivity ensures that the dentist, is a health professional,  seeking lifelong by learning during his/her studies for continuously updating and improving skills throughout their professional life.

The aim of the Dental School's Undergraduate Program (UGP) at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is to educate each undergraduate student so that upon completion of his or her studies, the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes have been developed that will enable the practice of general dentistry, which is aimed at restoring and maintaining the oral and general health of the population. The School offers a five year undergraduate program leading to a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (DDS).

Additionally, it provides two cycles of Postgraduate Studies. The first cycle is two or three years in duration and leads to a Postgraduate Specialty Diploma. The second cycle is 3 years in duration and leads to a Doctorate Degree (PhD).

The whole spectrum of dental services for patients of all ages is provided in the Clinics of the Dental School during the clinical training of the undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Additionally, in the School of Dentistry laboratory and clinical research is realized in contemporary fields of dental sciences, from clinical and research faculty, postgraduate students and external collaborators.

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