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Dental X-rays are a crucial diagnostic tool in dentistry, providing images of the teeth, bones, and surrounding soft tissues. Dental radiographic examinations facilitate the identification of dental problems at an early stage. The selection of patients for dental X-rays in adults are primarily used for detecting tooth decay, particularly between teeth and under existing fillings, to determine bone loss due to gum disease, identifying changes in bone or root canal due to infection, estimate the patient's oral health in the preparation of dental procedures like implants, dentures or orthodontics.
In children, dental X-rays are required for monitoring decay, whether there is sufficient space for incoming teeth, ensuring primary teeth are lost in time for permanent teeth, checking the development of wisdom teeth and their impact, and identifying any medical condition such as cysts or tumors.
The frequency of dental X-rays depends on individual needs, determined by factors like age, stage of dental development, oral health status, risk for dental caries and signs or symptoms of periodontal disease.

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