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Dental composite resin is a synthetic substance which are used in dentistry as restorative material or adhesives. Synthetic resins evolved since they were insoluble, aesthetic, insensitive to dehydration, easy to manipulate and reasonably inexpensive. High production volume is mainly used for manufacturing polycarbonate plastics, epoxy resins and methacrylate resins in dentistry.

Composite resins are most commonly composed of  dimethacrylate monomers, a filler material. Dimethylglyoxime is also commonly added to achieve certain physical properties such as flow ability. Further tailoring of physical properties is achieved by formulating unique concentrations of each constituent. Many studies have compared the longevity of composite restorations to the longevity of silver-mercury amalgam restorations.

Depending on the skill of the dentist, patient characteristics and the location of damage, composite restorations are long-lasting in comparison to amalgam restorations. In comparison to amalgam, the aesthetics of composite restorations are superior. Many patients have begun switching out their amalgam fillings for newer, more aesthetically pleasing white composite resins for health concerns. Even further, dentists are removing silver fillings and substituting them with composite white fillings.

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