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If you're in the NW1 district and grappling with the discomfort of a troublesome wisdom tooth, Forest & Ray Dental Practice has you covered. Renowned for their expert wisdom tooth extraction services, Forest & Ray is conveniently located near you, making relief just a quick journey away.

Meet our Oral Surgeon Dr Luca Licheri

Dr Luca Licheri Italian Dental Surgeon

I earned my Diploma in Dentistry at the University of Cagliari (Italy) in 2002. I practice dentistry for 22 years. To further enhance my expertise, I pursued a Master's degree in Oral Medicine and Pathology at King's College London, completing my studies in 2008.

My mission is to create a positive experience for my patients, to help them achieve the smile they desire by respecting their individual needs.

I provide surgical tooth extractions at Forest & Ray, ensuring high-quality care based on years of education and experience.
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Forest & Ray boasts a team of highly skilled dental professionals, armed with the latest dental technologies and techniques to perform wisdom tooth removal. We aim to ensure your comfort and peace of mind during the extraction process, making it as smooth and painless as possible.

With Forest & Ray, wisdom tooth extraction means not just freedom from discomfort, but also the preservation of your oral health for the long term. We're committed to delivering services that represent the highest standards of safety, comfort, and effectiveness.

Your appointment at Forest & Ray also gives you the perfect opportunity to explore some of the many attractions in the vibrant NW1 district. The world-renowned ZSL London Zoo, a conservation-focused haven for a wide range of species, is located nearby.

If you appreciate green spaces, the stunning Regent's Park is a must-visit, boasting beautifully landscaped gardens and the iconic Queen Mary's Rose Garden. Culture enthusiasts can explore the British Library, holding some of the world's most valuable literary treasures, or take in a performance at the Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park.

The area is also home to the legendary Camden Market, where you can discover a myriad of stalls offering everything from vintage fashion to international food, and Camden Lock, the heart of Camden's bustling canal network.

Choose our dentist at Forest & Ray for your wisdom tooth extraction, and in addition to world-class dental care, enjoy the opportunity to discover the cultural, historical, and natural wonders of the NW1 district. Begin your journey towards enhanced oral health and a deeper appreciation of the unique charms of NW1.

Why trust us?

Forest & Ray's highly experienced dental team collectively holds over 108 years of expertise in dentistry, ensuring exceptional care and knowledge for our patients.

Forest & Ray is a private dentist in London (Holborn, Camden) practice offering a wide range of treatments (basically everything), same-day appointments 7 days a week and affordable prices. The key behind a beautiful smile is self confidence, and success. At Forest & Ray we ensure to help you to the best of our ability. If you place your trust in us, we will make sure you achieve your goals and maintain oral hygiene to the maximum of its capacity. Regardless of any age or condition, we promise painless treatments and a professional team.

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