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It is important to be aware of the negative health effects of amalgam fillings, and to know how getting your amalgam fillings replaced can affect your body, and how you can help your system deal with the changes.

Side effects of amalgam fillings

Side effects of amalgam fillings may include irritability, headaches, depression, and a feeling of neigh constant exhaustion. These are not necessarily always visible side effects, but they do affect our everyday life, and can have a negative effect on our surroundings and the people we love. More visible side effects may include hair loss, dermatological problems, sores on the mucus membranes, and intestinal distress. These side effects are not only typical of amalgam, so you need to be careful in determining what is causing your symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms, regardless of what kind of fillings you may have, you should immediately go and seek medical attention, find the cause of these issues and deal with them.

Allergic reactions to mercury found in amalgam fillings

A little above 50% of an amalgam filling is made of mercury, which is an incredibly highly allergenic material. The most common allergic reactions and symptom is the dysfunction of the whiten mucus membranes in the mouth, which can appear around a filling. Other symptoms may include a burning sensation, coupled with bleeding gums, a metallic taste in the mouth and inflammation. When dealing with these symptoms, the first step has to be determining that the problem is really with mercury, because these symptoms are somewhat general, and can be caused by a number of other issues as well. After this, you must determine the course of the replacement, as each dental treatment has an effect on the body, and the healing process requires you to rest afterwards.

Effects of replacement

The act of replacement may temporarily tax the body, so changing amalgam fillings is only a priority if you are having allergic reactions, or if some kind of negative health effect is present. There are many positive aspects to getting them replaced: no more allergenic materials and the colour of the filling will now blend in with the rest of the tooth, making for a more aesthetic and illustrious smile, if you choose to go with a composite resin filling.

Replacement while pregnant

Replacing and inserting amalgam fillings will tax the immune system, so most dentists do NOT recommend getting this done while expecting, it is generally better to wait until after delivery to get this procedure done. Even with the most rigorous preliminary security measures, some mercury may leach from the filling, which, once absorbed, can be imbibed by the foetus. It is a good idea to get it replaced while breast feeding though, as mercury and lead can be transferred in the mother’s milk.

Detoxification after replacing amalgam fillings

After getting your amalgam fillings replaced, aftercare and detoxification is extremely important. Your body must be rid of mercury and from the various kinds of heavy metals that may be in the body as a result of amalgam exposure. You can start the detoxification process even when you still have your old fillings, before getting them replaced, but it is very important, near indispensable to have a very conscious and precise detoxification diet after getting your amalgam fillings replaced, with the organs that may be affected in mind.

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