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BPA-free fillings are tooth coloured but being eco-friendly, they are green. BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is a controversial industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins for decades and has been found to have unhealthful side effects. Scientists have managed to find oral enzymes that leak BPA into the bloodstream from composite resin dental fillings. As a result, patients are more frequently asking for BPA-free fillings and, at Forest &Ray Dental, we are listening.  

For health reasons, many patients have been replacing their mercury-laden amalgam fillings with newer, more attractive white composite resins. Even dentists who profess to be holistic are taking out silver fillings and replacing them with white fillings that have BPA. But what purpose does this serve if the composite fillings contain BPA you might be prompted to ask? Studies done over the years showed that BPA can be found in the saliva a mere 10 minutes after placing the filling. At Forest& Ray dental clinic, in striving to be a green office, understands these concerns. We offer BPA-free fillings. Our goal at Forest& Ray is to reduce the impact on our health and natural environment while offering you the most effective, affordable dental care in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

BPA in our Environment

While patients are rightly concerned about BPA, they shouldn’t be overly concerned. After all, BPA is everywhere in our environment and besides, as previously mentioned, at F&R we use BPA-free fillings. Recent studies have shown trace elements of plastic particles even in some of the supposed high-priced bottled water that we buy at the store. There is even the chance that you can be contaminated by BPA from constantly reusing and refilling plastic bottles. That’s another reason why many of our health-conscious patients coming to Forest& Ray are opting for safer alternatives and are seeking not only metal-free alternatives but BPA free fillings as well.

Bpa-free filling - green
BPA-free filligns are available at Forest&Ray

BPA Free Alternatives

Tooth-coloured restorations that are Bisphenol-A-(BPA) free would automatically exclude almost all resin composite restoratives and their corresponding bonding agents. Therefore, in this case, the choices would be limited to glass ionomer restoratives (in case of Class 3 or 5 direct restorations) or indirect restorations made with porcelain products (inlays, onlays,  and crowns) and cemented with glass ionomer cements.
Material which is BPA-free can be a nano-hybrid composite. It provides exceptional strength and the low shrinkage unlike most composite materials containing BPA. Colour adaption, ease of polish and enduring shine are also hallmarks of the material.

For a green, eco-friendly dental experience—including BPA free fillings, choose Forest& Ray!


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