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Tooth Extractions

What problem does it solve?

Extractions are simple and clean, and this treatment is provide when no other services will fix your problems.  The procedure also offers a solution for gingivitis or loose moving teeth, sensitive, inflamed gums, or pain between the teeth and gums meet.

Expected treatment time or appointment:

30-60 mins

Extraction is the last resort for teeth with advanced problems. Mostly carried out on wisdom teeth, this procedure requires an X-ray to ensure that we know where your tooth roots are. The process is simple and clean, and we provide extractions when no other service will fix your problems.

  • Requires an x-ray
  • Is quick and painless
  • Follow post-operative instructions!
  • We only pull teeth as a last resort

What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction process and aftercare




Tooth extraction is the dental procedure used to remove a tooth from the mouth. The tooth, or what’s left of it, will be loosened and pulled out of its socket, very often in more than one piece. The procedure is done under local anesthetic and takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how difficult the particular extraction is going to be, where the tooth is located, and what needs to be done before extracting.

In some cases tooth extractions are simple, and some they are surgical. A surgical procedure means that oral surgery needs to be performed in order to extract the given tooth. This means the entire process will be changed radically. The procedure will still be performed under local anesthetic, but will typically take from around 45 minutes to an hour and a half, and a trained oral surgeon needs to perform the tooth extraction. This kind of tooth extractions takes a required healing time afterwards! Which needs to be followed by the after-surgery care list we will provide you!

Wisdom tooth extraction

Process and aftercare

Although the process of a tooth extraction seems to be straight-forward, there are specific aspects to it that aren’t so direct. Firstly, every tooth extraction requires a preliminary X-ray to examine the affected area. This is vital as it is the only way the dentist will understand the case.

Once the local anesthetic is injected, and applied to the area, the tooth will be extracted. There can be residual bleeding which can last up to 48 hours! So if you are bleeding after an extraction, this is normal!

In order to know if your socket (extracted area) is healing properly a blood clot will form over the extraction site. If a blood clot is not forming over the area, please contact us immediately as this could mean you are exposed to an infection or a dry socket.

It is vital that the patient keep the instruction/after-care list safe as this will be useful. When a blood clot is being formed over the specific area, do not do the following; remove it, suck it, brush, rinse it, or eat on that side of your mouth. We advise you to brush the area every 12 hours, gently with a soft bristled toothbrush.

The most important thing to note about a tooth extraction is that the rehabilitation of the mouth does not end with the tooth extraction! You will need to replace this gap possibly sooner or later as the condition of the mouth can deteriorate.

tooth removal review Forest & Ray DentistPrice of tooth extraction

The price of a tooth extraction will depend on the status of the tooth. An extraction is the last resort for teeth with problems that are advanced, mostly carried out on wisdom teeth.

  • Requires an x-ray
  • Is quick and painless
  • Follow post operative instructions!
  • We only pull teeth as a last resort

This price is then only discussed after being seen by the doctor. Surgical extractions are more expensive than normal extractions, because this requires more expertise and more time in the chair.

If you think you need a tooth extraction, please do not hesitate to contact us, our lovely staff will be able to advise you and book your appointment for a consultation with our dentists.

The aim of dentistry is to preserve, regenerate, and protect teeth, so that they may fulfill their very important functions of biting and chewing food, aiding in a beautiful appearance, and helping speech for as long as physically possible.

tooth extraction review Forest & Ray Dentist

Tooth extractions are therefore the dentist’s worst nightmare, and are a very last resort used for when the health of the patient is at risk if the tooth stays in. Teeth that have problems that simply cannot be resolved, teeth that are sources of infection, teeth that are growing in a way as to risk the teeth next to them and other such drastic times are the only times when tooth extractions are used, and each one of them is a small tragedy.

Tooth extraction in London

The tooth extraction cost is from £119.


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