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What is the CQC inspection?

The CQC inspection is a routine inspection that is carried out in order to make sure that elementary standards of quality and hygiene are being met. The inspections are scheduled ahead of time, and are announced some time previous to the scheduled inspection.
The CQC inspection takes the treatment records for the patients into account, and asks them how they felt about the premises, and if they were satisfied with the outcome. They also accompany one of the dental treatment sessions while at the clinic, which in our case was on December 18th, 2016.
At this session, patients revealed to us that they were very satisfied with the work; they thought that it was professionally done and carried out, and that the staff was “polite and helpful”. This is the best thing that a dentistry can experience, as we work hard to provide excellent quality care, which means making the patients feel comfortable, and responses like these make it worth our while. Patients also said that Forest & Ray were great at providing information about the treatments themselves, and just in the treatment plans; patients found our consultation sessions to be extremely helpful as well.
Our dental practice was of course also up to par for the rigorous standards set by the CQC in terms of quality of equipment, keeping records, and of hygiene as well.

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