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There are pros and cons to brightening up at the dentist’s office or home teeth whitening. For great results fast – for weddings and other events, in-office whitening is ideal for these patients and it will only take one to two hours. Home teeth whitening may take two weeks of one to two hour daily applications. Some patients start with in-office and continue their teeth whitening at home, with the trays and gel. However, they both produce the same result- a beautiful, confident smile.

Comparing whitening methods

Regardless of your choice, the dentist needs to evaluate initial tooth colour, areas of enamel wear, and existing restorations to pick the correct form of whitening for each patient. It is definitely the fastest way to whiter teeth and, face it, everyone would like things as quick and as easy as possible. That’s why in- office treatment was created. No homework, no fuss, no muss is involved, just come in and get it done. While all treatments work, some work better and some last longer.
Many have found that the whitest result that lasted the longest is a combination of in office and take home products. The combination of both office and home whitening work well.

If you use just home whitening on a regular schedule like once or twice a week, it would whiten your smile as well.   But, if you are looking for the whit-EST your own teeth can get, dentist assisted treatment is best. The professional, human element is key to whiter teeth safely. So, don’t be tempted to buy kits over-the-counter or on the Internet. Not only are they not made to fit your mouth exactly, it may be that bleaching isn’t suitable for you, especially if you have gum disease or crowns. There is absolutely no difference between the whitening gels sold online or from the dentist. So it is best to purchase whitening gel from an online teeth whitening retailer with a dentist’s guidance. Professional supervision, therefore, ensures effectiveness and safety.

When Considering Home Teeth Whitening

Whitening at home is big business, with a wide range of options for consumers to choose from. The most important thing to look for in at-home kits is that they fit the size and shape of your teeth. Example, whitening strips are straight across and your teeth are scalloped. Make sure the at-home bleaching kits cover your whole tooth otherwise you will have two-toned teeth or irritated gums. This is just another reason why whitening teeth at home is best done with a dentist’s oversight. Not to mention that the dentist is in the perfect place to examine your teeth for any existing problems- such as gum disease- before you begin your home teeth whitening. Typically, at home whitening systems get your teeth up to 2-6 shades whiter with nightly treatment. The in-office treatment may get your teeth about 8 shades whiter. So, going the over-the-counter (OTC) route may not give you the dramatic whitening results that you desire. Even if you’re planning on using OTC home teeth whitening kits, you should consult your dentist because only the dentist can provide pivotal insight about how effective whitening may be given your specific mouth. Also, if you’ve decided to go it alone, be careful. When using the over-the-counter bleaches, there is a chance your teeth may get over-bleached. Professional advice beforehand can prevent this from occurring.

Advice: when beginning your teeth whitening quest and trying to decide whether the dentist’s chair or at home is better–start with your dentist!

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