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Getting dental veneers is a life-changing decision and will be one that you will not regret if you know what you are looking for, and what to expect. Although considered a light, aesthetic dental procedure, it is one that will change your teeth forever: getting dental veneers means you are going to have to wear dental veneers from then on, meaning it is a decision that you make for life. This is what you need to know in order to be able to make a well-informed decision, as it is one that will have far-reaching beneficial consequences.

Dental veneer: the process

Changes to your teeth

Your teeth will be modified quite a bit before the veneers are placed on them. They will be shaped, and some bits of them will be removed in order to make room for the dental veneer and to ensure that it fits well on your teeth. Because of these changes to your teeth, you will need to wear dental veneers from then on. There is no going back from them so make sure you will not later regret your decision.

Choosing the right veneer

While still in the process of getting veneers, you will be given the chance to choose what kind you would like, what colour it should be, what shape, size, etc. Do not be shy, and make the dentist redo the veneers as many times as needed to get a perfect result, otherwise, you may be stuck with dental veneers that you do not like, and an appearance you are unhappy with. You will be given plenty of time to try on the veneers and to pick some that help you get the exact smile you had imagined for yourself.

Dental veneers

Colour, shape and size… Before getting dental veneers, it is absolutely pertinent that you figure out what aspects of your smile you want to change, and how you want to change it exactly. The way to figure this out is to smile in the mirror and get a long hard look at what you see, and figure out what you want to change about it exactly. What is wrong with which tooth, how it should look different, etc. The first step is to figure out the colour, as this will be the most immediate and readily visible change in your teeth. Then see if the alignment and the size of the teeth are right, or if they also need to be changed.

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