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Dental Inlay & Onlay

What problem does it solve?

Dental inlays, onlays and overlays are designed to repair larger cavities or root canal treated teeth; they are made in a laboratory to fit exactly into the cavity and bonded into place by the dentist.

Recommended additional treatment(s):

Complete dental check-up
Dental cleaning

Expected treatment time or appointment:

2-3 appointments
30-60 mins/appointment

What is an inlay?

Sometimes a tooth can be so far gone that it will need some prosthesis in order to regain its function, but it is not so badly decayed to warrant extraction or the use of a dental crown. In these cases, a dental inlay or dental onlay is needed. Basically, if you leave your tooth to be attacked by bacteria for long enough, a piece of the tooth may break or the tooth may cave in on itself, but the tooth will still have a useful outer structure; in other cases, the decay may be so extensive that when it is cleaned off, a normal filling will just not be enough to nurture the tooth back to health.

  • Rectify the damage
  • Comes in porcelain or a precious metal of your choice
  • Replace an entire cusp of teeth

The difference between an inlay and an onlay is the relative size and position of the prosthesis. An inlay is used when the wall of the tooth and possibly one or two cusps have become missing, while an onlay is used when the top of the tooth has been eaten away by tooth decay or a piece of it is missing as a result of trauma.Dental Inlay

When do I need an inlay?

You will need an inlay if a large piece of the tooth on one tooth surface is missing. If the cavity is on a tooth surface that cannot be readily filled, then it is likely that an inlay will be necessary. An overlay becomes necessary when the tooth is structurally sound, but an entire tooth surface is gone, or a corner of the tooth or an entire cusp of it is missing, but a crown would make the tooth too tall.

Types of inlays

Inlays and onlays can be differentiated based on what kind of materials they are made out of. Traditionally the inlays and onlays are made out of porcelain, just like dental crowns, and these prosthetics look like little pieces of a dental crown. But inlays and onlays can be made of precious metals like gold or silver, and smaller inlays can be made out of the composite resin used for tooth fillings.

At our dental clinic in London, we provide dental inlays and onlays, and we can make the prostheses out of tooth-coloured porcelain, composite or precious metal as well. The process involves two trips to the dentist. During the first one, your tooth will be cleaned, and a temporary inlay may be given. An impression of your tooth will also be made, and the permanent dental inlay or onlay will be made for inlay review Forest & Ray Dentist

Dental inlay cost in London

The dental inlay cost is from £697.
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