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Forest & Ray - Dentists, Orthodontists, Implant Surgeons

Forest & Ray is a Central London (Holborn / Bloomsbury, Camden) based dental practice offering a wide range of treatments (basically everything), same-day appointments 7 days a week and affordable prices. The key behind a beautiful smile is self confidence, and success. At Forest & Ray we ensure to help you to the best of our ability. If you place your trust in us, we will make sure you achieve your goals and maintain oral hygiene to the maximum of its capacity. Regardless of any age or condition, we promise painless treatments and a professional team. If looking for a dentist near me: stop searching. Forest & Ray is located in the center of the city, we are close to you!

If you would like to learn more about dentistry you can do so in our Education menu or by checking out our blog. We work with an international staff in  London: Greek dentists, Hungarian dentists, Russian dentists, Italian Dentists and Polish Dentists. Also worth to check out our Emergency Dentist London page.

Why trust us?

Forest & Ray's highly experienced dental team collectively holds over 108 years of expertise in dentistry, ensuring exceptional care and knowledge for our patients.

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Bleeding gums are a common issue that many people experience. While it might seem minor, persistent gum bleeding can indicate underlying oral health problems that require attention. At Forest & Ray, we are dedicated to helping our patients maintain optimal oral health. This article provides an in-depth look at the causes, implications, and treatments for […]
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A Guide To Oral Health For Mothers and Their Infants

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Tooth Decay After Orthodontic Treatment

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New Patients Welcome

If you are new to Forest and Ray and looking for a private dentist near you or just thinking about changing your dentist, we would be delighted to see you as a new patient. Our new patients will see us for a consultation which will involve an examination of your mouth and teeth X-rays included. If necessary a diagnosis will be made and a treatment plan presented to you.

We are open every day

Dentist Open Every Day
If you are working full-time and it's impossible for you to visit our practice during weekdays, we have options for you: Our dental practices are also open on weekends. We are open 7 days a week, and during the weekdays we are open till the evening.

Laboratory in the Clinic

Dental Laboratory at Forest & Ray
We have our own dental laboratory in our clinic, in the same building in which the entire treatment takes place. The communication and co-operation of the dentist and the technician provide the guarantee of the precise but fast high-quality work – in our case, rapidity and the highest quality can happily coexist!
Laboratory in the clinic

Treating Nervous Patients

Nervous Patient at Dentist
Dental phobia can make the already difficult task of getting to the dentist nearly impossible, but we at Forest & Ray believe that everyone has a right to health and to healthy teeth, so we take extra care to make sure that our patients who suffer from anxiety and fear get the most comfortable and friendliest dental consultations possible, by giving dental treatments that are tailored to their needs.

Located in the City Center

Dentist in Central London Tube Map
Another advantage of our clinic is the fact that you do not have to travel to the suburbs to be able to receive dental services at an affordable price. Our clinic, located next to the British Museum, can be easily reached by bus, car or the Tube from every part of the city in a short time. Our local stations are Holborn and Tottenham Court Road.

Value for Money

Happy Dental Patient
We consider the high quality of our dental treatments to be our most important value. With our excellent dentists following the highest standards, in a friendly environment, we guarantee all our patients a personalised treatment for all their visits. We understand all of your needs, so we offer you the best quality for an affordable price!

Professional Staff

Forest & Ray Dental Team
All our dentists are well-trained, internationally acclaimed professionals, with a great understanding of all your dental problems, in every dental field. Our best advice is to visit Forest & Ray!
We are looking forward to provide facial aesthetics treatments, so our staff will definitely expand in the future.
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We are located in Central London

Forest & Ray's address is: 8F Gilbert Place, Holborn (next door to Bloomsbury), London, WC1A 2JD. About Camden: Lincoln's Inn Fields is a neighbourhood in the extreme south of the borough that is only 500 metres from the Thames. The northern part of the borough is home to Kentish Town, Hampstead, and Hampstead Heath, which are less populous districts. Numerous parks and open areas may be found in the London Borough of Camden. City of Westminster (near Soho, London) and the City of London are the next-door boroughs, followed by Brent to the west of what was once Roman Watling Street (now the A5 Road), Barnet and Haringey to the north, and Islington to the east. It encompasses all or a portion of the following postcode areas: N1, N6, N7, N19, NW1, NW2, NW3, NW5, NW6, NW8, EC1, WC1, WC2, W1, and W9.
The borough of Camden also includes Bloomsbury, known for its garden squares. To the west, the fashionable district of Marylebone is rich in shops and restaurants, while the prestigious Mayfair extends slightly into Camden. Covent Garden, famed for its entertainment and market, adds to Camden's vibrancy. Bordering the east of the borough are Clerkenwell and Farringdon, hubs for the design industry and renowned for their mix of old and new architecture. Although Lambeth and South Bank are located south of the Thames and not within Camden, they contribute to the broader cultural scene that Camden residents can easily access. To the east of Camden, beyond Islington, lies the diverse and bustling borough of Hackney, which provides a distinct cultural blend of its own. Wimpole Street and Harley Street (very close to Camden) are famous for the high number of private health care providers, especially dentists.

About Forest and Ray

Forest & Ray is a Central London (Holborn, Camden) based private dental practice offering a wide range of treatments (basically everything), same-day appointments 7 days a week and affordable prices. We serve our patients out of hours to treat dental emergencies. We serve our customers throughout Greater London. As we can be reached easily with public transportation, we have patients from all around Inner and Outer London. Founded in 2007, Forest & Ray is an established dental clinic in Central London offering the following services:

Services Offered By Forest & Ray

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